Rust Rugs

The historical origins of Rust Persian Oriental Rugs

One of the more iconic colors in the colorful history of Persian rugs is rust. That color, which comes from the Madder root, is found as a primary color in many Heriz rugs.

What makes Rust Persian and Oriental Rugs so dynamic is the subtle adjustments in the shades, from typical rust colors to a brighter rust-red, an earthier rust-brown, and a more dynamic rust-orange.

That creative flexibility makes the color a prominent choice in many types of Persian rugs.

Designing with Rust Persian Rugs in your home

What makes rust stand out as a color is its functionality as both a warm shade and a neutral one. That means Rust Persian Rugs can fit more easily into existing design schemes when you want to emphasize its neutrality, while it can also anchor a room with other bolder colors that play into its warmer side.

Its gentle fusing of red, orange and brown help give rooms an earthier tone, playing nicely with tans and greens. That grounding effect can have its most welcome results when integrated into bedrooms and studies, giving you a cozy space, a space for recharging, for quiet talks, and for contemplation.