Pink Rugs

Pink Persian Rugs

Though pink is certainly a color of the moment in the design and fashion worlds, Pink Persian Oriental Rugs have been common throughout their history. In particular, the Mashad rug heavily features pink, often incorporating it with burgundy, as the two colors complement well.

The bright color has been featured both on the field as its main color and as an accent, particularly in the design of flowers. Other rugs featuring pink include Kerman, Sarouk, and Malayer. Given that nature provides such a dazzling array of pink, it is only natural that Persian rugs reflect that beauty, too.

The perfect ways to use a Pink Persian Oriental Rug in your home

The specific use of a Pink Persian Rug often comes down to how much of the rug is pink and how much pink is an accent. For a pink-forward rug, you will find the most success in muting the rest of the room with neutral colors like whites and creams, while brown is also a popular combination.

If this bright, energetic pink ends up more of an accent used in your rug’s more natural elements like its flowers, you can continue to focus on the rug’s primary color, be it deep red, brown, or beige, and focus on building your design around those colors instead.

List of Persian Rug Colors: