White Rugs

White Persian Rugs

The lighter colors used in the weaving of a White Persian Rug tend to come from natural wool. Ideally, this lamb wool comes from younger lambs to ensure that its tone is as light as possible.

There are a number of regions that traditionally incorporate this coloring, including Qum, Nain, and Isafahn, where it is quite common to use white lamb wool on the field and in the rug’s borders. You’ll find lighter colors in Kashan, Tabriz, Moud, Mashhad, and Saouk as well, but the white used tends to be closer to a beige or light cream.

How a White Persian Oriental Rug can be used in your home

A Persian Rug can be a very dynamic piece of art. The first step to figuring out its best usage would be to see if the lighter wool color is more of an accent or if it's setting the tone for the whole Persian rug.

Since white is a neutral color, a rug that is mostly white gives you the option of going monochromatic in a room that is almost all white, eggshell, or antique, or playing the white against a pop of color. A white-accented rug can be just as striking, but in that instance, it’d be best to focus on the rug’s primary color to make your design decisions.

List of Persian Rug Colors: