Prayer Rugs

Prayer Persian Rugs

Now let’s talk about Prayer design Persian rugs.

So you’re going to find that in prayer design, typically there’s going to be a unidirectional design. It’s just gonna be a design that you typically look at it from one direction, and it’s going to have arc doorway also called Mehrab.

And if you’re looking for this type of design, you can find it in Qum, Isfahan, Malayer, Turkoman and Baluchi as well. So if you’re looking for this design, you could find it in those types of rugs.

This type of rug dates back to the very early stages of rug making because of the Muslim culture for this region. So you can find really old prayer rugs and when it comes to the design, sometimes you’ll find that prayer rugs can have a very complex design.

The architecture of the arc doorway could be very complex with columns and, and a lot of intricacies, or it could be a very simple design with just the shape of the doorway. 


And of course you could always use a small rug as a prayer rug as well, but these rugs are specifically made for prayer and really beautiful works art.