Tree of Life

Tree of Life Persian Rugs

So now let’s go over the tree of life design. And this is one of my personal favorite types of designs in Persian rugs.

So in tree of life design, what you’re gonna see is typically there’s gonna be a large tree of life in the center of the rug, and it’s going to take most of the field.

Typically you’re going to see tree of life design in Tabriz rugs, Kashan, Isfahan, Hamadan and Malayer rugs.

And this tree of life is a pretty powerful symbol in the Persian culture. It stands for the connection between earth and the environment.

And what you’ll see in this type of designs is that there’s gonna be kind of a botanical pattern. That’s gonna be around the tree of life.

You’re also going to see a lot of birds and animals and flowers spread throughout this type of design. So it’s a really beautiful design, a lot of powerful meaning behind it. Definitely one of my favorites.