Abadeh Rugs

Located right between Isfahan and Shiraz, lies the city of Abadeh, a city that has grown from been unknown till a few years ago to the well established rug weaving center of today. Tribal weavers have been weaving rugs here since ancient times but the rugs of today are quite different from the older versions. Today’s rugs are more sophisticated and that has come about because the weavers have access to better materials and also because of major improvements that have been made to the traditional looms. Modern looms are bigger in size, which allows the weavers to weave better quality rugs with higher knot density and straight sides

Construction of the Rug

Abadeh rugs have a cotton foundation and the pile is made of good quality wool. The knots are tightly made, resulting in a fairly high knot per square inch density. The pile is cut very low so that the finished rug has a dense, firm and flat appearance that is considerably rigid and longer lasting.
These rugs are often mistaken for Shiraz rugs because of a remarkable similarity in the construction and the overall look of the finished rug. However, there are a few significant differences between the two. The foundation in Abadeh rugs is made of cotton whereas Shiraz rugs usually have a wool foundation. Another significant difference which is usually overlooked is that Abadeh rugs are finer and more sophisticated with a higher pile density of over 80 knots per square inch. Shiraz rugs on the other hand have a coarser, more unrefined look, with a lower pile density of about 60 knots per square inch.

Features of Abadeh Rug

Abadeh rugs are easy to identify because they have a few features that are typical.

The main characteristic feature is its oversized single medallion that is placed in the center of the rugs. Usually diamond shaped, this medallion is filled with tiny scattered geometrical patterns. If you look closely you will see geometric depictions of animals, birds and flowers.

Another distinguishing trait is the four smaller motifs or spandrels that are placed at the four corners.

The field is usually red. Tiny stylized patterns of birds, animals, trees and stars are scattered all over this red field. The overall effect is a stunningly busy rug.
The borders of Abadeh rugs consist of two guards that frame a central main band. These borders are relatively much smaller but woven in vivid black or blue so they stand out strikingly.

Using Abadeh Rugs In Home Décor

Abadeh rugs have many desirable qualities that make them the preferred choice of homeowners everywhere. The design of the rugs is versatile and they can complement most types of interior décor themes. Moreover, they can be found in a variety of sizes to fit almost any space. The low pile of the rugs means they are low maintenance and the materials and the construction of the rugs ensure that they are very sturdy and durable, making them excellent value for money.