Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs

An Oriental rug in the bathroom feels soft and warm underfoot, which is so much better than walking on the hard, cold flooring especially first thing in the morning or during the winter. They also add a lovely personal touch to this otherwise very functional room.

What Persian Rug Material Works Well in The Bathroom

When placing a Persian rug in the bathroom, choosing the right material is most important.

Silk – It’s advisable not to place a 100% silk rug in the bathroom. For one thing, the persistent moisture can damage the delicate silk fibers. Also, because silk does not absorb moisture, it can be slippery on a wet floor. If silk is your material of choice, look for a rug with a cotton or wool foundation and silk accents or highlights in the pile.

Cotton – Cotton Persian rugs with a low pile are the best for the bathroom. Cotton is a breathable material that absorbs moisture easily and also dries out fairly quickly without sustaining any damage.

Wool – Wool Persian rugs are also a good choice for the bathroom. Wool wicks moisture away easily and will dry out fairly quickly. A wool rug with a cotton foundation works best for this room.


Persian Rug In The Bathroom
Water Droplets That Fall Into A Wool Rug Form Into Little Beads And Roll Off The Rug. .

Small Persian Rugs Works Well In The Bathroom

This is one room where smaller Persian rugs are almost always preferably to larger sized rugs. This is because a large rug can take over the space and make it looked cramped and overwhelming instead of warm and welcoming. Another compelling reason for choosing a smaller rug is that it will dry faster, and if it gets too wet it is easier to take it out to dry.

Persian Rug In The Bathroom
Pick A Rug Made Of Durable Material That Can Stand To Get Damp.

Consider Hanging Your Oriental Rug On A Wall Instead Of Using It As A Floor Rug

Placing a Persian rug on the bathroom floor may be impractical if you have young kids who love splashing water around in the bathroom. However, you can still use prized Persian rug to uplift the look of your bathroom by using it as a wall hanging.