Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs

This is admittedly a topic of much debate – can you really place Persian rugs in the bathroom?

While some homeowners may love the idea, others are adamant that Oriental rugs have no place in a room where so much moisture and “damage” may occur.

An Oriental rug in the bathroom feels soft and warm underfoot, which is so much better than walking on the hard, cold flooring especially first thing in the morning or during the winter. They also add a lovely personal touch to this otherwise very functional room.

So should you or should you not place an Oriental rug in the bathroom?

If you’re not sure whether or not this is a good idea, here are some factors to consider before you make this decision.

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Wool And Moisture

Wool is universally known as being a hardy fiber that can withstand large amounts of moisture. Wool is also extremely durable, making it perfect for bathrooms, with their consistently moist conditions and occasionally chilly floors. In fact, hand-knotted wool rugs are some of the most durable rugs anyone can own, which makes them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Wool is also far easier to clean than less durable fibers such as silk or cotton. Oriental wool rugs work well in bathrooms regardless of the damp, humid conditions because wool fibers allow air to circulate more efficiently than synthetics.

Water Droplets That Fall Into A Wool Rug Form Into Little Beads And Roll Off The Rug.

What Persian Rug Material Works Well in The Bathroom

When placing a Persian rug in the bathroom, choosing the right material is most important.

Silk – It’s advisable not to place a 100% silk rug in the bathroom. For one thing, the persistent moisture can damage the delicate silk fibers. Also, because silk does not absorb moisture, it can be slippery on a wet floor. If silk is your material of choice, look for a rug with a cotton or wool foundation and silk accents or highlights in the pile.

Cotton – Cotton Persian rugs with a low pile are the best for the bathroom. Cotton is a breathable material that absorbs moisture easily and also dries out fairly quickly without sustaining any damage.

Wool – Wool Persian rugs are also a good choice for the bathroom. Wool wicks moisture away easily and will dry out fairly quickly. A wool rug with a cotton foundation works best for this room.

Why Wool Oriental Rugs May Be Best In The Bathroom

Because bathrooms are such watery areas, wool Oriental rugs may be best for this room because they are so durable and so easy to keep clean.

Whether you choose to use a small rug in front of the sink or you want a larger one running down the middle of the bathroom to visually “break up” the space a bit more, there’s a wool Oriental rug that you’re sure to fall in love with, and it will be perfect in the bathroom.

Shake it clean and put it back and the wool will wick away moisture while keeping your feet warm, too.

Persian Rug In The Bathroom
Wool Is Extremely Durable And The Lanolin In Wool Create Water Resistance.

Benefits Of Oriental Rugs In The Bathroom

Unsure whether or not you should place an Oriental rug in your bathroom? A look at the benefits can help you make a more informed decision.

Prevent your feet from slipping through wet floors

No matter how careful you are, wet floors are impossible to avoid in the bathroom. Water inevitably splashes on the floor while brushing your teeth, washing your hands or stepping out of the shower.

This can result in slippery bathroom floors that increase the risk of slipping and falling. Sure, you can mop up the water splashes but what if you forget? The next person who enters the bathroom could slip on the wet floor.

An Oriental rug in the bathroom is a much more effective and reliable way to reduce the risk of slipping over wet flooring. Just place the rug over the floor space that’s most susceptible to water splashes and you’re done. No worrying about mopping up after every use.

Add color and texture to the bathroom

Accessorizing a bathroom requires a lot of thought and creativity. There are already a lot of functional elements installed around the room. Adding other elements randomly can make the space appear cluttered instead of enhancing the look. But you can’t go wrong with an Oriental rug.

Placing an Oriental rug in the bathroom offers the perfect combination of form and function. They add a delightful splash of color to the space while also adding warmth and comfort to the cold and hard flooring. Choosing a rug in colors that complement the overall color scheme in the bathroom will create a beautifully cohesive look.

Where To Place Persian Bathroom Rugs

This is one room where smaller Persian rugs are almost always preferably to larger sized rugs. This is because a large rug can take over the space and make it looked cramped and overwhelming instead of warm and welcoming.

Another compelling reason for choosing a smaller rug is that it will dry faster, and if it gets too wet it is easier to take it out to dry.

Strategic placement of Persian bathroom rugs is key to enjoying the many benefits they offer.

Persian Rug In The Bathroom
A Small Persian Rug Will Fit Nicely In Front Of The Vanity.

In front of a vanity mirror or sink

A small Persian rug placed in front of a vanity mirror or sink performs two functions simultaneously. It provides a warm and comfortable place to stand on, which can feel particularly great on those cold winter mornings. It also works well to absorb those splashes that would otherwise increase the risk of slipping.

Center of the bathroom

Placing a Persian rug in the center of the bathroom protects this much-used area of the floor while also making a strong style statement.

Consider Hanging Your Oriental Rug on a Wall 

Placing a Persian rug on the bathroom floor may be impractical if you have young kids who love splashing water around in the bathroom. However, you can still use prized Persian rug to uplift the look of your bathroom by using it as a wall hanging.

Choosing The Right Design And Size For The Bathroom

As always, measure the space available before you buy your rug. Bathrooms can be tricky because of their smaller size and because of the other pieces of furniture and fittings, such as a toilet, bathtub or shower, and sink. If you don’t have too much space available, you may opt to have a smaller rug placed in front of the tub or shower.

Keep your color scheme in mind when looking for wool Oriental rug for your bathroom so that it complements the rest of the existing color scheme and the overall effect is cohesive.

Best Bathroom Oriental Rug Sizes

The best Oriental rug size for your bathroom will depend on two main factors – the size of your bathroom and its layout. While there are no hard and fast rules regarding rug sizes for the bathroom, we highly recommended these sizes:

17 x 24” for placing in front of the sink, vanity mirror, or toilet seat
21 x 34” for placing outside your bathtub or shower cubicle
24 x 40” for placing in front of a double vanity or in the center of a small bathroom
27 x 45” for placing anywhere in a large bathroom

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom Persian Rugs

As with all other aspects, there is no hard and fast rule as to how often you need to replace your bathroom Oriental rug. A replacement may only be necessary if excessive wear and tear is causing the rug to look shabby.

Another reason to replace is if there is any stubborn mold growth that refuses to go away even after washing. This is because mold spores can trigger allergies and cause other adverse reactions.

The good news is these rugs are very durable and will stay looking good if you wash it regularly. With proper maintenance, you won’t need to replace your bathroom Oriental rug anytime soon.

Air out room every 2 weeks to protect your rug and ensure longevity.

Wool Oriental rug may be considered a good choice for the bathroom because it is a more economical option than the more traditional bath mats that are available in major retail stores.

Though a regular store-bought bath mat may be considered to be a cheaper investment, it won’t last as long as an Oriental rug, which means you will need to replace it more often. Eventually, the cost of that “cheap” item will add up to much more than the cost of one good quality Oriental wool rug.

A hand-knotted, wool Oriental rug is far easier to clean and maintain, and this will save you money in the long run. Buy it once, keep it forever.