Boteh Rugs

Boteh Persian Rugs

Now let’s go over the Boteh design, Persian rugs. So Boteh in Farsi means a budding flower or plant. And in the Persian culture, it stands for growth and regeneration. So you can imagine this is a pretty powerful symbol to the rug weavers.

So if you’re looking for this type of design, you’re typically going to find it in Tabriz and Sarouk, Hamadan, Baluchi, Mahal, Mashad, and Malayer rugs.


And what you’ll typically see, the way that the Boteh is used in the rug is it’s going appear as like a tear drop shape, or like a flame shape, or like a pine cone shape.

And it’s going be spread throughout the rug in a repeating pattern and usually in an allover pattern.