Open Field Persian Rugs

Open Field Persian Rugs

So let’s go over the open field design. So in this type of design, you’re gonna notice that the field of the rug is going to be well, really open.

There’s going be a lot of space in the field of the rug. And typically you’re gonna find that the field of the Persian rug is just one background color, and of course there’s gonna be different motifs inside of the field.

So you’re going find some sort of flowers in the rug in curve-linear patterns. And open field could even be have a medallion in the rug, but you’re gonna find that the majority of the field is gonna be empty.

Open Field Design Inspired by the Quran

And this is actually inspired by the Quran. The cover of Quran has this type of design, where there’s a center kind of medallion. And then there’s a lot of open space on the cover. So this is where the design originates from.

Open Field in Traditional Persian Rugs

And if you’re looking for this type of design, you could typically find it in more city or traditional Persian rugs. So you’ll find it in Tabriz and Kashan, Sarouk and Hamadan and Kerman. As all these types of Persian rug make the open field design. So again, when it comes to the open field design, there’s going be a lot of different variations.

Three Major Variations of Open Field Design Persian Rugs

You will typically see three different major variations. One of them is gonna be the one with the center of medallion. So this is open field and there’s a center of medallion. And you might find that there’s some flowers surrounding the center of medallion and all of this is happening with a lot of space in between.

Also you’ll find repeating medallion is basically the same concept, except instead of one medallion you’re gonna have at least two or more.

And also you’re gonna have the allover open field design, which is there is no center medallion, and there’s going to be kind of a floral pattern or some sort of motive that’s spread out and repeating throughout the rug with plenty of space in between the flowers.