Kitchen Rugs

Kitchen Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs

Have you ever considered placing a Persian rug in your kitchen?

Most people envision these beautiful works of art livening up any other room in the house – the living room, bedrooms and dining room, but not the kitchen.

The fact is, placing a Persian rug in your kitchen can instantly spruce up the look of this space. The key is in choosing the right rug.

An Oriental rug will add a burst of color, character, and personality in any kitchen. They made the room look cozier and more inviting, creating a space that the whole family will love to gather around and spend time in.


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What to Consider When Buying a Persian Rug for your Kitchen


Choosing the right size is the most important factor when buying a Persian rug for any room, including the kitchen.

Start by first taking a look at the available space and deciding where you want to place your rug. Then measure that space. Make sure you take exact measurements. Placing a wrong sized rug will affect the overall look.

Dark Colored, Low Pile Rugs Work Best In The Kitchen.


Luxurious, high pile rugs look stunning in any room. However, while there’s no denying they would look beautiful in the kitchen too, they may not be a practical choice for this space.

Crumbs and all types of liquids inevitably spill on the kitchen floor. You’ll find it more difficult to keep a high pile rug clean.

When buying a Persian rug for your kitchen, a flat weave rug is a more practical choice. You can find flat-weave rugs in a wide variety of styles and sizes and they are so much easier to keep clean too. 

With a low pile, it’s easier to clean the crumbs and liquid spills that invariably find their way onto a kitchen rug. It would be a shame to place a high pile rug and then have everyone worried about spilling anything.

A low pile rug offers the best of both worlds – good looks with easy maintenance.


To create a coordinated look in your kitchen, you want your rug and overall kitchen décor to complement each other. Lots of clashing décor elements can create a chaotic look.

Take a good look at your existing décor, and imagine what type of rug would go best with it. It’s easier and cheaper to buy a rug that complements your décor than the other way around.

If you are planning on giving your kitchen a complete overhaul, then of course, you can think of both simultaneously.

Create A Cohesive Look By Choosing Rugs With Similar Color Palette.

Where to Place your Kitchen Rug

You have several options when it comes to placing your kitchen rug.

  • Place a rug underneath the sink or oven for a nice soft place when you’re washing the dishes or cooking.
  • Choose a rug approximately as long as the island to add a burst of color on the bare flooring between the island and the workspace. You can either place a rug on any one side of the island or on both sides. Both look just as good.
  • If you want to place a rug alongside the island but not in the center of the floor, position the rug underneath the island seating.

The key is to take time to decide where you are going to place the rug in the kitchen and then measure the space carefully so you buy the right size Persian rug.

You Can place A Rug On One Side Of The Kitchen Island Or On Both Sides.

Have an All-White Kitchen?

An all-white kitchen can look pristine but imagine if you incorporated a colorful oriental runner on the floor?

Just that small addition will add a beautiful punch of color to the space without detracting from the otherwise monochromatic look.

As with any other type of kitchen décor, choosing the right size, the right material and the right design of Persian rug is the key to achieving that flawless look.

Use Multiple Small Rugs If Space Is Limited For A Large Rug.

Want to Cover a Large Area?

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious kitchen with lots of floor space between the furnishing, you have several options to go with when choosing a Persian rug.

Because kitchen rugs have to be cleaned more regularly, we usually don’t recommend placing a large rug in this room.

If you want to cover a large area in the kitchen, it’s a better idea to place one or two smaller Persian rugs in that space instead. Choosing two rugs with similar color palettes will help you create a cohesive look instead of clashing with each other.

Persian rugs are a beautiful décor element in any room, including the kitchen. The key is to choose a rug that fits your space and is easy to maintain.