Kitchen Rugs

Kitchen Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs

An Oriental rug will add a burst of color, character, and personality in any kitchen. They made the room look cozier and more inviting, creating a space that the whole family will love to gather around and spend time in.

Choose Low Pile, Flat Weave Persian Rugs For Practicality

When looking for a rug for your kitchen, it’s advisable to pick one with a low pile. With a low pile, it’s easier to clean the crumbs and liquid spills that invariably find their way onto a kitchen rug. It would be a shame to place a high pile rug and then have everyone worried about spilling anything.

A low pile rug offers the best of both worlds – good looks with easy maintenance.

Flatwoven Kilim Rugs
Flat Weave Rugs Like Kilims Do Not Have Piles And Are More Affordable.

Where to Place Your Kitchen Rug

Runner Rugs
Place Runner Rugs Between Kitchen Island And Nearby Counters.

You have several options when it comes to placing your kitchen rug.

Use these placement tips for your kitchen rug:

– Place a rug underneath the sink or oven for a nice soft place when you’re washing the dishes or cooking.
– Choose a rug approximately as long as the island to add a burst of color on the bare flooring between the island and the workspace. You can either place a rug on any one side of the island or on both sides. Both look just as good.
-If you want to place a rug alongside the island but not in the center of the floor, position the rug underneath the island seating.

The key is to take time to decide where you are going to place the rug in the kitchen and then measure the space carefully so you buy the right size Persian rug.

Small Kitchen Rug
The Natural Oil And Moisture Of Wool Makes It Flame Resistant.