Ivory Rugs

Ivory Persian Rugs

The art and skill that go into each Persian rug are unquestioned, and Ivory Persian and Oriental Rugs are no exception. Expert weavers take the ivory color found as the natural color of wool and use it as one of the main colors to design their Persian rugs.

In particular, regions like Nain, Qum, and Isfahan are renowned for their incorporation of this subtle shade of white. A dynamic tone, ivory is just as capable of being the rug’s main color as it is adding a touch of lightness as a design flourish or accent.

How an Ivory Persian Rug can elevate your interior decoration

When considering the design elements of your home, an Ivory Persian Rug can add elegance and class. Worth paying attention to is just how much ivory is used. Ivory and other light white rugs like off-white and eggshell white look downright luxurious when they are the dominant color, blanketing your home in a modern shade.

If you prefer less of that open-ended, blank canvas feel, opt for a rug that highlights its designs with ivory. You’ll still have an eye-catching Persian rug that adds history to your home, but it may fit better with your existing designs.

List of Persian Rug Colors: