Geometric Rugs

Geometric Design Persian Rugs

The beauty of these Geometric Persian and Oriental Rugs emanates from their stunning designs, each steeped in history and knotted by hand. Often featuring 160 to 200 knots per square inch with some rugs that reach up to 1,500 knots, they are a symbol of craftsmanship and trade, a testament to the artisans who spend a lifetime perfecting their craft. The weaver’s workmanship is on display, as each rug is a balance of a design’s intricacy and clarity, with a value that will surely increase. Each Geometric Persian Oriental Rug’s pattern consists of stunning, dyed yarns that create work that will last a lifetime, bringing one of the most storied cultural traditions in the world to your home.

Decorating with Geometrical Persian and Oriental Rugs

With their flexibility and coloring, you can use these rugs to liven up a variety of modern rooms. Geometric patterns with strong, contrasting colors work beautifully in rooms with existing deep colors, while soft tonal colors contribute more toward a calmer mood. With softer, lighter colors you may find more flexibility with your current designs, while deeper, bolder patterned rugs could be the statement piece your home is looking for. For a room lacking a defining piece, these Geometric Persian Oriental Rugs add style and purpose with attractive patterns providing a strong theme for you to base the rest of your decor upon.