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Catalina Rug is one of the 1st online retailers of Oriental Rugs, launched in 1998.

A family operated business, Catalina Rug has been in the rug business for 3 generations.

We our the best choice if you are only interested in genuine hand knotted Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs.

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Medallion Design

Floral Design

  • Tabriz 8'2" x 11'

  • Kashan 6'8" x 9'7"

  • Nain 6' x 8'2"

  • Mashad 10'1" x 12'11"


Geometric Design

All Over Design

  • Tabriz 6'5'' x 9'9''

  • Heriz 6'7" x 9'4"

  • Tabriz 9'8" x 12'6"

  • Hamadan 3'2" x 9'5"


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Tribal rugs are produced by nomadic tribes that were always on the move in search for better pastures for their sheep. The nomadic lifestyle of the weavers has a major impact on the shape, colors, and designs of these rugs. Tribal weavers used their surroundings as inspiration for their designs. All dyes used were also


7 Types Of Village Persian Rugs

Village rugs are produced by weavers that are settled in one location. They are different from tribal rugs that are produced by nomadic tribes that moved from one location to another. City rugs are produced on order in structured settings in bigger towns. Each type of rug has their own unique characteristics. Village rugs are


Can You Tell If Your Persian Rug Is Handmade

A handmade Persian rug is not just a floor covering. It’s a work of art. Every rug is created by weavers who spend months and sometimes years painstakingly tying one knot at a time to complete their masterpiece. The end result is a truly a work of art that is admired and treasured by people