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Catalina Rug is one of the 1st online retailers of Oriental Rugs, launched in 1998.

A family operated business, Catalina Rug has been in the rug business for 3 generations.

We our the best choice if you are only interested in genuine hand knotted Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs.

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  • Tabriz 9'10" x 12'6"

  • Tabriz 8'2" x 11'

  • Mashad 10'1" x 12'11"


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    Kazak Azari 6'9" x 10'8"

    $2,850 $1,990
  • Heriz 6'7" x 9'4"

  • Tabriz 9'8" x 12'6"

  • Hamadan 3'2" x 9'5"


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How Persian Rugs Can Spruce Up The Look Of Your Kitchen

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