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Catalina Rug is one of the 1st online retailers of Oriental Rugs, launched in 1998.

A family operated business, Catalina Rug has been in the rug business for 3 generations.

We our the best choice if you are only interested in genuine hand knotted Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs.

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Why Are Oriental Rugs Important? What Are Their Benefits?

Why Are Oriental Rugs Important? What Are Their Benefits?

Oriental rugs are known for their ornate designs, superb craftsmanship, and their value that increases with age as well as wear, but have you ever considered the other reasons why Oriental rugs are so important in home décor? What is it about Oriental rugs that make them so special, and what are some of the

How To Find The Right Rug Size

How To Find The Right Rug Size

Shopping for a new Oriental rug is not only fun, but it sometimes yields unique and undiscovered treasures you weren’t expecting and can’t wait to have. But before you get your heart set on that gorgeous rug you just came across, you need to make sure it will actually fit in the room you plan

How To Buy An Oriental Rug

How To Buy An Oriental Rug

Now that you know what to look for when it comes to quality and you understand why some Oriental rugs are so expensive, it’s time to dig into the fun part -purchasing an Oriental rug for your home. We’ve put together a few important purchasing tips for you. Look For All-Natural Materials And Hand-Woven Work