100% Hand-Knotted Rugs
Art You Can Walk On

100% hand-knotted rugs are made using ancient techniques, woven one knot at a time—by the most skilled carpet weavers in the world.

The result is an exquisite, built-to-last, magical rug—that you can use for a lifetime and hand down for generations!

You see the truth is, there’s not a machine-made rug in the world that can compare to a hand-knotted rug, not one.

In fact, nothing matches the look and feel of a 100% hand-knotted Persian or Oriental Rug.

And every room in your home deserves a unique rug to complete it (especially the living room).

So, whether you’re choosing a rug as the focal point and room anchor — that ties all of your furniture and decor together…

As an accent to combine textures and lines — to the design of your room…

Use rugs to visually compartmentalize your space. (Photo Credit: Robert)

Or as a way to visually distinguish and separate a room, without an actual wall or divider.

A Persian or Oriental rug is the easiest, fastest, best way to bring color, sophistication, style and transformation… to any room…

instantly adding warmth, comfort and integrity…

… and a sense of purpose, wholeness and superior finish.

You see, a 100% hand-knotted rug isn’t just a rug…

It’s a masterpiece of art… floor art!

But only if it’s 100% hand-knotted.

Now as you probably know, 100% hand-knotted rugs are the most-coveted rugs in the world.

They are luxuriously soft & lush and the superior choice – when it comes to rugs and carpets.

Which is why here at Catalina, we deal exclusively in hand-knotted rugs only.

Well known for their exquisite beauty, long-lasting durability and fine craftsmanship … hand knotted rugs are true masterpieces of Persia and the Orient … which deserve to be placed, pride of place inside your home.

Of course, they aren’t just incredibly beautiful to look at. 

They have practical utility too.

A 100% high-quality, hand-knotted rug is the perfect floor covering for old carpets, new carpets… stone or wood floors… concrete, granite or marble surfaces… and are versatile enough to be hung on the wall, in portrait or landscape position.

Catalina's Client Homes

Which makes them most people’s first choice, when choosing a high-quality rug.

In fact, ask any person to name a rug type and their first answer is almost always guaranteed to be Persian.

Synonymous with antiquity, high-class living and good taste…

1000 years ago they were the carpets of Kings & Queens.

And everyone wanted one.

You’ll find them in stately homes, museums, even the White House.


And perhaps now your own home too!

But why hand-knotted?

What makes them SO superior?

Well, as you can imagine…

The creation of a 100% hand-knotted rug is done entirely by hand.

But not just any hand.

Knot by knot...with hand
Persian and Oriental rugs are woven by master weavers

Artisans that have spent years, even decades perfecting their craft.

The warping and wefts of yarns, the tying of knots, the meticulous precision and attention to detail – can take months or even years. (up to 8 years to create just one rug).

And it’s this process that is so highly regarded.

From the design of the pattern, dyeing of the wool… specialized loom, the weaving and trimming… 

… Each rug is lovingly and painstakingly woven into life – from a design blueprint into each unique rug!

Coloring The Pattern
A creative rug designer at work.
Master weaver tying each knot to form the pattern according to the blueprint.
Each is Unique and One-of-a-Kind

What’s more… 

99 times out of 100, every rug is completely unique and original.

So much so, that once the rug has been created to the design intended, the blueprint (the map that the weaver follows to create the rug) – is destroyed… burnt to dust!

Thus, preventing any copy! 

This is why we can say every rug is unique.

That is unless it’s a “Twin-Rug”, whereby two rugs were made at the same time to be sold as a pair. 

But this is rare and hard to find.

And because we hand-pick every rug for our showroom…

We know the origin story and history of every rug in our collection.

It could be that we acquired it brand new…won it at auction…or found it on one of our sourcing adventures around the world.

Just know, whatever rug you choose, you can rest assured it is 

100% hand-knotted, and guaranteed authentic
Vault Rug Collection
Kashan - Story of Motashem
Karaja - Luxurious Moghan Wool
Tabriz - The Rare Green
100% Natural Hand-Spun Wool

What’s more…

The practical benefit of choosing a 100% hand-knotted rug is in its materials. 

You see, wool rugs are extremely durable…

The pile is thick, strong and tough.

They offer a natural resistance to spills, stains, and dirt.

And they can withstand a good amount of foot traffic, when placed in a busy room (like the living room or kitchen) or in a foyer, hallway or entrance-way.

The reason why is because wool has a “spring like” nature, which means the fibers compress underfoot, but spring back to normal later.

But that’s not all…

The materials used to make 100% hand-knotted rugs are all natural plant & animal fibers, like silk, wool, cotton, jute and sisal.

And because wool is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and a renewable source of material…

It means, not only can a Persian or Oriental rug last for thousands of years…

Hand- Spun Wool
Natural Vegatable and Insect Dyes
100% Natural Wool Yarns

… While man-made materials like nylon, acrylic, and viscose can irritate and increase allergies

A wool or silk rug won’t give you any worries at all—and in most cases, is actually much better for your health.

Better still…

Natural fibers, like wool, cotton and silk (found in a variety of our rugs) are the perfect playground for a palette of rich and vibrant colors.

Which is something synthetic rug makers have never been able to recreate.

You see, you can’t synthetically recreate the colors in an all-natural, fiber rug (it’s just not possible).

PLUS: all-natural, fiber rugs become even more unique as they age.

This is because an “abrash” effect occurs, which is when (over-time) the colors start to naturally shift to slightly different shades and variations — giving the rug even more character.

So, like a wood dining table or leather bag… as the years go-by, your rug will begin to carry a “lived, used & enjoyed” patina of warmth and wear — which most find just wonderful!

Rugs That Last Generations
120 Year Old Antique Karaja Persian Rug
Antique Karaja Rug made with 100% Wool Pile

But with almost everything in life, you get what you pay for!

Meaning, the higher-quality rug, the longer it will last.

Now, the price of a rug is determined by its age, material, origin and other factors.

But knot-count plays a huge part. 

The higher knot-count (or knot density) the higher quality. 

This is because of the time, effort and skill that went into making the rug.

But that’s the great thing about 100% hand-knotted Persian and Oriental Rugs…

Because they are one-off pieces of floor-art, they are rare and highly-sought after.

And because each rug originates from a different place—is woven completely by hand—tells an original story—is made from all-natural fibers & natural dyes—is as unique as a human fingerprint—is highly durable and can last for decades… They can become collector’s items.

Which means, any Certified Authentic rug you buy from Catalina Rug…

Can and will (most likely) go up in value as time goes on.

Which makes 100% hand-knotted rugs…

Rugs you can appreciate, because they appreciate.

This is what most people don’t know…

The older they get, the more you walk over them, enjoy them and use them, the more they can go up in value!

But they do need some care…

Which is why, when you buy any rug with us, we enroll you into our Rug Care Program – which is a service where we send you rug care reminders (if you want us to) and we’ll even help you get your rug professionally cleaned anytime you want (should you want).

It’s all part of our service, in service to you, when buying your first or next Persian or Oriental rug.

So, if you want to buy a rug that has aesthetic appeal, (as floor-art) is practical (as a floor-covering) and an investment or heirloom (can go up in value and can last for generations)…

… a 100% hand-knotted Persian or Oriental rug is probably the exact type of rug you’re looking for!

Each rug is part of a rich history and could soon be a part of your own family history too!

So take a look around and see if there’s something you like.

We even have Signature rugs and Vault rugs – which are some of the best Persian and Oriental rugs you’ll ever hope to find on U.S. soil.

Your next step is to view the collection now.

Remember: if you need any help or have any questions…

You can call or email us — or use the chat box feature on our website — and we’ll get back to you with answers and shopping assistance. 

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