Foyer and Entryway Rugs

Foyer and Entryway Persian Rugs

A foyer Persian rug can add color and character to an otherwise bland, functional space. Imagine the difference it would make when you enter your home! Instead of the hard, bare flooring, you’ll step onto the plush, cozy, comfort of your foyer Persian rug.

Besides uplifting the space and offering you a warm welcome when you get back home, a foyer rug also helps to protect your wood flooring underneath. Every time you enter in from outdoors your footwear will bring in some amount of dirt and debris. This will cause scuffs and scratches on the flooring as you walk across it. With time, it can start to look really scruffy. Placing a rug in the foyer will prevent this from happening.

How Big Should An Oriental Foyer Rug Be?

There is no one size rug that’s right for all foyers. The best size will depend on the dimensions of your foyer.

To determine the Oriental foyer rug size you need, start by measuring the space. When placing a rug in any room, it’s always a good idea to leave some space between the wall and the edges of the rug. This gives the space some definition and makes the space look cleaner and less cluttered.

This same rule applies when measuring an Oriental foyer rug. Plan on keeping anywhere from 6” to 18” space between the rug and the wall. In general, the larger the space, the more the distance you should plan on keeping.

Persian Bakhtyari Rug In The Foyer
Placing A Persian Rug In The Foyer Adds Warmth And Welcoming Vibes In Your Home.

For Long Narrow Foyer

Runner rugs are the perfect choice for a long narrow foyer. These are rugs that have a much longer length as compared to their width. A typical runner rug width is about 2’ to 3’ and the length can be anywhere from 6’ to 14’.

Peshawar Oriental Rug In The Hallway
Large Rectangular Rugs Are Perfect For Large Foyer.

For Wide Foyer

A larger rectangular size rug is the best option for a large wide foyer. The exact dimensions would depend on the size of your foyer. You can find Persian rectangular rugs in dimensions varying from 3’ x 5’ to 9’ x 13’. With any number of variations in between, you’re sure to find one that’s the perfect size for your space.

Rectangular Oriental Rug In The Foyer
Make sure to leave 6” to 18” Space Between The Rug And The Wall.

For Small, Rectangular Foyer

A carefully chosen small rectangular rug measuring 2’ x 3’ can make a huge impact in a small rectangular foyer. A small oval, circular or square rug can also work in a smaller space.

Round Tabriz Rug In The Foyer
Round Rugs Are Perfect For Small Foyers And Hallways.

Two Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For Foyer Persian Rugs And Oriental Rugs

Make Sure You Can Easily Open And Close The Door

It’s a good idea to keep your front door open while measuring your foyer otherwise you may forget about this aspect. Regardless of anything else, it’s important that the rug does not come in the way of opening and closing your front door. Not only will this become frustrating but it will also damage the rug prematurely, defeating the purpose.

Most Common Oriental Rug Sizes For Foyers

Most common Oriental rug sizes for foyers are around 5’ x 7’ to 6’x 9’. This will ultimately depend on the size of the foyer and the type of furniture you intend to place in that space.