The Reasons You Should Be Rotating Your Rugs

With their vibrant colors, unique designs, and skilled craftsmanship, Persian rugs are a fantastic investment. They uplift your entire décor and enhance your space.

However, the best rug can start to look worn and jaded if it is not properly maintained. Fortunately, it does not take a lot to keep your rug looking clean and vibrant.

Regular vacuuming with the occasional dusting and professional cleaning are some of the basic things you must do to maintain the good looks of your rug. Another important aspect is rotating your rug.

Rotating your rug is exactly what it sounds like. It involves changing the position of the rug. It’s not something that many rug owners even give a thought to but the truth is this simple step can prolong the life of your rug and keep it looking good for longer. There are several reasons why it is advisable to rotate your rug periodically.

Kerman 9'9" x13'1"
Kerman 9'9" x13'1"
Kerman 9'9" x13'1"
Kerman Rug Turned Upside Down

Why Rotate Your Rugs

Distributes Foot Traffic Evenly

Rugs are typically subjected to a lot of wear and tear from foot traffic. The exact amount of traffic over any rug will depend a lot on where the rug is placed and the number of family members and guests walking over it regularly.

Regardless of where the rug is placed, some areas of the rug are sure to get more foot traffic than others. This is because most family members tend to take the same path every day. For example, you will typically put your feet on the same area of your bedroom rug every morning. All family members and guests will take the same path over the living rug to get to the sofa and chairs.

Over time, the parts of the rug that receive more foot traffic will start to look worn with distinct signs of wear patterns while the rug parts that receive negligible or no traffic will keep looking bright and new. This uneven wearing of the rug highlights the worn areas and makes it look shabby. This can be avoided by simply rotating the rug.

When you rotate the rug, all areas of the rug will receive foot traffic so the pile wears evenly.

Persian Rug Showing Signs Of Foot Traffic
One Side Of The Rug Receives More Foot Traffic.

Prevents Uneven Fading From Sun Exposure

Direct exposure to sunlight over extended periods of time tends to fade the colors of any fabrics. Curtains, upholstery, rugs and all other fabric décor accessories will fade when exposed to the direct rays of the sun for long periods of time.

Persian rugs are particularly vulnerable to fading from the sun’s rays because they contain all natural dyes on natural fibers. They are not set using any chemicals. While bright sunlight can enhance the colors and beauty of the rug, it will also fade its colors.

When a rug is placed in the same position, over a period of time the areas that get the direct sunlight will start to fade. Meanwhile, the areas of the rug that are sheltered from the sun will retain their vivid colors. This patchy look can detract from the looks of the rug.

The best way to avoid premature fading from direct sunlight is to rotate the rug regularly so all areas get even exposure and shelter from the sun. The even fading will give your rug a nice antique look instead of causing it to look patchy and uncared for.

Sun Exposure On Persian Rugs
Sun Exposure On Persian Rug.

Prevents Patchy Fading From Direct And Indirect Lighting On Rug

Direct lighting has the same effect as direct exposure to sunlight. The colors of the rug where the light source hits it directly will tend to fade faster than the areas that get indirect lighting. This is because the fading is caused not by the light itself but by the heat of the bulb.

Rotating your rug will expose different areas of the rug to direct and indirect lighting and prevent the colors from fading in patches.

Provides Uneven Indentations From Furniture

When you place a sofa set, dining table or any other furniture directly on a Persian rug, the furniture can ruin the pile in areas of direct contact. Lighter furniture that tends to get pulled in and out such as dining room chairs can fray the pile while heavier furniture such as a sofa will cause permanent indentations in the pile.

When you rotate the rug, even if it’s just a little bit, the place of the furniture on the rug will change sufficiently to prevent the fraying and permanent indentations.

Allows The Rug To Breathe

This applies to rugs that are placed under furniture such as the bed or a large sofa. Under these circumstances, the areas of the rug that are under the furniture don’t get any exposure to air, neither do they get cleaned. This can cause them to accumulate excessive amounts of dust and acquire a dull, lifeless look.

When you remove the furniture, the difference between the exposed and unexposed areas can be very stark.

Removing the rugs from under the furniture, brushing them off and rotating them can help the rug breathe.

Prolongs The Life Of Your Persian Rug

All of the above measures combine to protect your rug from uneven fading, fraying, and degradation, prolong its life.

Rotating your rug regularly will not only keep your rug looking better for future generations, it will also enhance the value of the rug, making it a worthy investment.

How Often Should You Rotate Your Persian Rug

Of course, that’s the big question – how often should you rotate your Persian rug.

As a general rule, it’s recommended to do this at least twice a year – once in six months. If your rug receives a lot of foot traffic, you may want to rotate it more frequently so the wearing is spread out rather than limited to a fixed area.

Is There A Rug Rotation Service Available

Yes, there are a few companies that offer rug rotation services. Getting a professional rug rotation service can be especially useful for rotating large rugs and those placed under heavy furniture.

You should never attempt to rotate a large rug if it is under your bed, sofa or dining table.

Professionals that offer these services are trained and equipped to handle heavy furniture and large rugs without damaging the furniture, the rugs or their backs.

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