Bedroom Rugs

Bedroom Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs

Placing a Persian or Oriental rug in the bedroom can instantly make the room feel cozier while also giving it a personal touch. A rug does more than just transform the way the room looks.

It also provides warmth and comfort below foot when you wake up in the morning. It’s so much better than hitting a cold, hard flooring first thing in the morning.

When looking for a rug for your bedroom, what’s important is to first figure out what layout will work best for you and measure the space so you can buy the right size rug for your preferred layout. A rug that’s too big or too small can ruin the entire look.


Top Three Layouts For Placing An Oriental Rug In The Bedroom

Bed Fits Fully On The Rug

For this layout, you will need to get a rug that is a few inches longer and wider than the bed so that the edges extends beyond the bed.

If one side of the bed is against the wall, the rug should extend at least a few inches from the other three sides that not against the wall.

Since only the borders are visible, look for a rug with more elaborate borders for this arrangement.

Bed Fits Fully On the Rug
The Rug Must Be Few Inches Longer And Wider Than The Bed.

Bed Fits Partially On The Rug

This arrangement is ideal if the head of the bed is against the wall. In this case the rug is usually placed under the lower 2/3rd portion of the bed.

A rug with more showy borders is a better choice for this layout too as the middle of the rug will be hidden under the bed.

If you have nightstands in your bedroom, make sure that they are fully off the rug. A nightstand that is partially on the rug will be unsteady and cause things to fall off.

Bed Fits Partially On the Rug
The Rrug Is Usually Placed Under The Lower 2/3rd Portion Of The Bed.

Bed Is Completely Off The Rug

Using runner rugs is a great way to have rugs around your bed without having the a large part hidden under the bed. With this layout, you place two runner rugs along the two sides of the bed and one at the foot of the bed.

Persian Runner In A Bedroom
The Foot Of The Bed Is An Ideal Spot For Placing A Runner When Room Space Is Limited.