10 x 14 Persian Rugs & Oriental Rugs

10 x 14 Persian and Oriental Rugs

Looking for a covering for a large floor space? Consider 10 x 14 Persian and Oriental Rugs. Just think of the effect a stunning Persian rug could create in any room. A deep, dark, elaborately patterned, maroon, red or brown 10 x 14 Tabriz, Kashan or Sarouk can add an exotic touch of Eastern mystique to any room. When placed in a large sized living room, it can add depth, color and excitement to the room in a way that no other flooring can.

Prefer 10 x 14 Persian and Oriental Rugs in lighter hues to go with your existing décor? You will find that you have plenty of options to choose from. A 10 x 14 Peshawar rug, with its subtle but intricate patterns woven in assorted variations of gold would be the perfect option. It will help bring together all of the other design elements of the room.

All 10 x 14 Persian and Oriental Rugs feature mesmerizing patterns and designs and intricate motifs such as flowers, paisley patterns, spirals and medallions on rich, vivid color combinations
With their larger area, rich colors, elaborate patterns and flawless weave, 10 x 14 Persian and Oriental Rugs serve as a quick, easy way to enhance the aesthetics of the room. They offer a truly timeless style that is undeniable.