4 x 7 Persian Oriental Rugs

4 x 7 Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs

The two elements anyone must keep in mind when getting a new rug are its size and its style. With these 4×7 Persian and Oriental Rugs, you have two great qualities to work worth to improve the design of your room. These 100% hand-knotted Persian rugs speak for themselves, a completely unique piece of art that invokes generations of knowledge, training, and craft. Choose deeper, bolder colors and a larger, eye-catching pattern to set the tone for a room you’re developing, or complement your existing room’s more muted design with a lighter colored rug, like one with a tighter, more refined pattern.

Which Type of Space you can use 4 x 7 Oriental Rugs

The 4 x 7 Persian and Oriental Rug is also a versatile option, capable of working in your home’s entrance, the kitchen, bedrooms, and even certain hallways. For larger bedrooms, this rug can adorn a part of the room, creating a visual separation between different areas. Or, consider how flexible that versatility is, and try out the rug in different spaces for different times of the year. The beauty of these rugs comes not just from their striking colors, but also from the knowledge that these handcrafted works of art will last years, making your home that much more special.