Floral Rugs

Features Of A Floral Persian Rugs

Floral patterns are one of the more common designs incorporated in Persian rugs. Although you’ll find hundreds of Persian rugs using the floral theme, you’ll never find two that look alike.

Every floral Persian rug is one of a kind. Weavers use their imagination to create their rugs using highly stylized floral motifs in different sizes, styles, colors, and arrangements

The Shah Abbasi floral design, which originated in the region of Isfahan, is one of the more popular designs used in rugs in other regions too including Nain, Tabriz, Kashan, and Mashad.

This design consists of larger palmette-like flowers with slender stems and branches. Several smaller flower motifs are intricately woven in between the larger motifs, filling the entire area of the rug.

Other floral Persian rugs feature only flowers in different styles and sizes with no stems or leaves. These flowers are arranged in various ways to create a wide range of patterns in gorgeous colors.

Blue Floral Persian Rug
Blue Floral Persian Rug

Floral Oriental Rug Designs Never Go Out Of Style

Floral Oriental rugs have a timeless design that never go out of style unlike some of the trendy modern rug designs.

These rugs, many of them over a hundred years old, have stood the test of time and hugely popular today around the world. This can be attributed to several reasons, from the vivid colors and beautiful blooms to the skilled craftsmanship of the rug.

A floral Oriental rug is something you can pass down to your future generations knowing that they will always be cherished and appreciated.

Beige Floral Oriental Rug
Beige Floral Oriental Rug