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Allover Design Rugs

Allover design in Persian rugs refers to those rugs that do not have any medallion or corner in the field. Instead the entire rug is filled with repeated motifs.

In floral Persian rugs with allover designs the field is filled with stylized flowers, leaves and branches. In other Allover styles, the field of the rug may be filled with geometric patterns, simple medallions or Herati motifs.

Features of Allover Persian Rugs

The motifs are arranged repeatedly till they cover the entire rug like a beautifully designed, ornate latticework. Most allover Persian and Oriental rugs will have a border surrounding the patterned field but there do not have any central or corner medallions of any kind.


Red Tabriz 9'9" x 12'4" Allover|Floral Design
Floral Allover Design Tabriz Persian Rug

The Impact of Allover Rugs in your Home

With their extraordinarily detailed patterns created with skill and precision, Allover rugs give any space a chic, sophisticated look.

The riot of colors spread evenly all over the field and surrounded by a delicate border softens the look a bit so the rug does not look overly formal. This is what makes this design rug so versatile and great for placing in any setting, whether formal or casual.

Adding to their versatility is the fact that all the patterns are not created the same way. Some rugs feature simple symbols appearing repeatedly all over the field, while others feature ornate designs repeated along the length of the rug.

In some rugs, the symbols and motifs seem to be placed with great precision, while in others they appear to be placed randomly. Regardless of what style you choose, an Allover Persian rug is sure to add style and sophistication to any space.

Beige Kashan 10'3" x 12'1" Allover Design
Allover Design Kashan Persian Rugs