Hallway Rugs

Hallway Persian and Oriental Runner Rugs

There is no one size runner rug that’s right for all hallways. The right size for your hallway will depend on the dimensions of your hallway.

The most important thing is that the rug must meet two requirements. It must be narrow enough so that there is at least 4 – 6 inches of space between the rug and the walls on both sides.

Secondly, it should not be so long that it intrudes into the adjoining room. 


Standard Width Of A Runner Rug

Runner rugs have a standard width of anywhere between 2 and 3 feet. This is not fixed though. You can choose a wider runner if you have a wide hallway space provided that you leave the minimum space between the sides and the wall.

Standard Lengths Of Runners

Standard runner lengths can vary widely from about 6 feet to 14 feet with several variables in between. These incremental length variations mean you never have to compromise. You are sure to find a runner that fits your hallway perfectly no matter what the dimensions of the space.

Azarbaijan Persian Runner In The Hallway
The Standard Width Of Persian Runners Ranges Between 2 And 3 Feet.

How To Make Your Hall Wider With Persian Runners

If your hall is long and narrow, use this tip to create an illusion of a wider space with Persian runners. Place the runner in such a way that the borders are parallel to the walls of the hallway, while leaving some space between the wall and the border. This will help ‘open’ up the space.

Moud Persian Rug In The Hallway
The Standard Length Of Persian Runners Ranges Between 6 feet to 14 Feet.

Choose The Right Color

What’s great about using Persian runners in the hallway is that they are an easy way to create the ambience you want in that space.

A brightly colored runner can brighten up the space and give it a cheerful, welcoming look. On the other hand, if you prefer to say ‘welcome home’ in a more subtle manner, go with a runner in a softer, more muted color scheme, preferably one that complements the color of the walls.

Karaja Persian Runner In The Hallway
Choose Runners With Muted Colors To Achieve A Subtle Look.

Consider The Pattern

Homeowners are often concerned that big, bold patterns may not be appropriate for the hallway. This is not necessarily true. As with colors, it depends on the look you hope to achieve. It does help to consider the overall décor of your home too.

Floral runner rugs go well with a home done in traditional, vintage or bohemian décor. A runner with stripes or geometrical motifs may be a better choice if you’re aiming for a more contemporary look.

Mehraban Runner In The Hallway
Choose Runners With Floral Pattern For A Traditional Or Boho Vibe.

Which Oriental Rug To Pick

Use these tips to help you pick the perfect Oriental runner rug for your hallway:

For short hallways – An accent rug is a versatile addition to a short hallway. Take some time to experiment with different placements to find that perfect spot.

For extremely long hallways – It’s okay to choose a rug that does not run the whole length. The key is to make sure that the rug is centered between the two ends and that the sides are at least a couple of feet away from the walls on either side.

For High Traffic Zones – It’s very important that a hallway rug must be durable and easy to maintain especially if your home sees a lot of traffic in and out of your home all day long.