Part 2: Types of Persian Rugs

Types Of Persian Rugs

While an expert would easily be able to differentiate a Tabriz from a Heriz and a Kashan from an Ishfahan, can you? Here are a few distinctive characteristics of each type that will help you impress anyone with your knowledge of Persian rugs:

Tabriz Rugs

red floral design tabriz rug
Floral Design Tabriz Rug

Tabriz rugs originate from Tabriz, capital city of Azerbaijan and one of the oldest rug weaving centers in the region. These are high quality rugs with a wool or wool/silk pile and a cotton or silk warp. The patterns range from teardrop medallions to floral, trees and hunting scenes. Antique Tabriz rugs are extremely valuable and can only be found in exclusive private collections and museums.

Some of our Tabriz Rugs

  • Tabriz Rug 9'10" x 12'9"

    Tabriz 9'10" x 12'9"

  • Tabriz 3'5" x 5'

  • Tabriz 1'9" x 3'1"

  • Tabriz 6'5" x 9'7"


Heriz Rugs

hand knotted rug fringes
Geometric Heriz Rug

Bright vibrant colors and characteristic bold patterns make these rugs easy to identify. Heriz rugs will always feature an oversized medallion in the center, with a double or triple outline and large corner pieces. These rugs are very durable and will last for generations.

Some of our Heriz Rugs

  • Heriz 9'5" x 12'11"

  • Heriz 10'2" x 12'11"

  • Heriz 7'5" x 9'2"

  • Heriz 2'6" x 3'4"


Kashan Rugs

Traditional Kashan Rugs with floral design
Traditional Kashan Rug

The medallion and corner pattern on an ornately patterned floral field is a trademark of Kashan rugs. The colors used in the designing is usually a combination of deep blues, rich reds and ivory with occasional splotches of yellow, green and burnt orange. These rugs are high quality with a knot count that ranges from 100kpsi to over 800 kpsi.

Some of our Kashan Rugs

  • Kashan 3'3" x 5'

  • Kashan 4'4" x 6'7"

  • Sale!

    Kashan 6'4" x 9'10''

    $1,800 $1,600
  • Kashan 2'6" x 3'2"


Gabbeh Rugs

Yellow color gabbeh rug
Plain Pattern Gabbeh

Woven by Qashqai and Luri weavers in the Zagros Mountains, the tribal influence is very evident in Gabbeh rugs. Made of local handspun wool, these rugs are thick and coarse and the designs are simple and woven on a plain lush field of color. Only natural dyes are used and typical colors of these rugs are orange, yellow, rust or red.

Some of our Gabbeh Rugs

  • Sale!

    Gabbeh 5'2'' x 6'3''

    $790 $395
  • Sale!

    Gabbeh 6'6'' x 9'6''

    $1,480 $740
  • Sale!

    Gabbeh 8'8'' x 12'1''

    $2,100 $1,250
  • Sale!

    Gabbeh 8'9'' x 11'11''

    $2,100 $1,250

Isfahan Rugs

ivory color silk and wool isfahan rug
Silk & Wool Isfahan

The design silk and wool of Isfahan rugs is very balanced and symmetrical. Typically it will consist of a single indigo, rose or blue medallion surrounded by vines and woven on an ivory background.

Some of our Silk & Wool Rugs

  • Tabriz 6'8" x 10'3"

  • Tabriz 2'9" x 17'6"

  • Tabriz 3'4" x 4'8"

  • Nain 3' x 4'4"


Nain Rugs

Ivory color nain rug with floral desin
Ivory color Nain Rug

Nain rugs are high quality with, very fine quality wool and a knot count of about 300 kpsi to 700 kpsi. The patterns are very intricate and usually consist of blue or green intertwined branches with tiny flowers woven on a white or light ivory background.

Some of our Nain Rugs

  • Nain 3'5" x 5'4"

  • Nain 3'4'' x 5'

  • Nain 6'10" x 9'11"

  • Sale!

    Nain 6'7" x 9'8"

    $1,990 $1,650

Mashad Rugs

Cherry red and navy blue Mashad Persian Rug
Traditional Red Mashad 

Mashad rugs typically feature a lone, oversized Shah Abbasi medallion in the center on an elaborate background filled with floral motifs in a curvilinear design. These rugs are usually large with a wool pile and a cotton foundation.

Some of our Mashad Rugs

  • Sale!

    Mashad 3'4" x 6'5"

    $680 $480
  • Mashad 8'3" x 12'

  • Sale! Mashad Rug 13' x 19'2"

    Mashad 13' x 19'2"

    $13,900 $10,800
  • Mashad Rug 12'7" x 17'

    Mashad 12'7" x 17'


Balouchi Rugs

small balouchi persian rug

Because of Balouchi rug’s nomadic tribal original, you’ll rarely find a large sized Balouch rug. These small rugs have simple geometric patterns and are woven with sheep wool that is dyed blue or dark red. The edges use camel or goat hair in beige or brown.

Some of our Balouchi Rugs

  • Sale!

    Balouchi 3'8" x 6'

    $550 $440
  • Balouchi 3'9" x 6'10"

  • Balouchi 3' x 5'9"

  • Balouchi 3'4" x 6'9"


Qum Rugs

high knott count silk and wool Qum Persian Rug
Silk & Wool Qum
– over 700 kpsi

Also known as Koum, Kom, Kumm, Qhum, or Ghom, these rugs are woven in the Qum province of Iran. Qum rugs are very high quality. They are tightly knotted, with a luxurious pile of silk or cotton and intricate designs that include a combination of flowers, birds, medallions, hunting scenes and gardens in dark blue, reddish brown or orange. Turquoise is always used in some element in a Qum rug.

Some of our Qum Rugs

  • Qum 2'7" x 4'

  • Qum 6'10" x 10'

  • Qum 2' x 3'5"

  • Qum 7'6" x 10'8"


Transcription: We carry most of our rugs is Persian from Iran, and we have also carry Pakistan rug, because of the color and as I told you is a muted color so some people likes that. Persian rug is more colorful and they have many patterns, from geometric, hunting, floral, also medallion, Herati design. They have many, many different pattern, color but very traditional colors, not subdued colors like a Pakistan. That’s why we take care of the part of, you know, customers wants to subdued color, we just we bring important rug from Pakistan to cover this part of customer.

And also Kazak that is more geometric and many young people loves the geometric pattern and we have that type of rug, too. So in Persian rug, we have many sizes, many patterns, many colors, and it is kind of art. Each one is unique, different from each other, so it’s really based on taste of the people that, you know, choose, so.

But in more places that is cold, they like the color so they feel, especially in winter, they need some colors so they go more Persian rug. And, do you know, it’s like a Persian rug if you compare with other rugs in their wall, is like a Swiss watch. Everybody just have, you know, kind of background of the original rug from Persian.