Antique Persian Rugs

Antique Persian Rugs are Craftsmanship From More Than 80 Years Ago

There is an indescribable essence to an Antique Persian Rug that just has to be seen up-close and in-person to be experienced. Like a trusted family member who shares the timeless wisdom of their lives, these Antique Persian Rugs, all aged more than 80 years, were made with a sort of superior craftsmanship and cared for by individuals who understand that dedication to the craft is worth preserving. So whether you are seeking out a rug to add a chapter to your home, or looking for a gift that expresses more than words ever could, these vintage Persian Rugs are a part of history.

Age-Defying Vintage Persian RugsRugs Telling Stories of the Past

Forget notions you have about what you think an antique is. These Antique Persian Rugs are anything but low-pile or worn out. These are the highest quality, handcrafted Persian rugs, carefully cared for and treated, with colors that pop as if they’d just been knotted days prior.

The quality, which could almost be described as age-defying, is an immediate attention grabber as these rugs, each tightly woven by master craftsmen, show a tradition that extends past any one person, a testament to skill and storytelling that live on in these Antique Persian Rugs that last well past 80 years.