Rug Encyclopedia

Persian Rug weaver working on the loom

The Definitive Guide

Our most extensive and complete coverage of Persian rugs and Oriental rugs. Learn every aspect you should know in this guide.

Types of Persian & Oriental Rugs

We cover over 22 types of Oriental rugs and Persian rugs including their construction, design, colors, history and view samples of each type.

Ultimate Persian Rug Size Guides

A comprehensive guide in choosing the perfect Persian rug size for your living room, dining room, bed room and hallway.

Buying and Evaluating

Everything you need to know about buying oriental rugs. Guides for first-time buyers, seasoned buyers including pricing, types, sizing and rug features.

Maintenance and Care

For those who own rugs and want to keep them in top shape. Read about cleaning tips, cleaning materials and tips on how to maintain specific types of rugs.

Home Decor Ideas

Ideas to help in home decor along with what elements, like rugs and furniture, go well together. Tips on specific room decors and how to choose rugs to match them.

Signature Persian Rugs

Persian Rug with a signature on it is something truly special. Not all Persian rugs have signatures on them. Learn More why Signed Persian Rugs are so Special.


Free Rug Purchasing Guide

Learn the 10 steps in purchasing an Oriental Rug that is perfect for you. Download the Free Rug Purchase Guide to Refer to at anytime.