How To Hang A Rug On A Wall

Some rugs are so beautifully made, with delicate knots and intricate designing that you really do not want to place them on the floor where everybody is likely to stomp all over them.

Such rugs deserve a pride of place on the wall. While it is not very difficult to hang a rug on a wall, it does require a little extra consideration to make sure it is placed correctly for maximum effect.

Hanging The Rug With Clips

The easiest way to do this without having to attach any permanent loops or attachments to the rug itself is by using Clips. You can find these at any hardware store.

Use These Clips For Hanging A Hand knotted Rug To The Wall
Using Clips For Hanging A Hand Knotted Rug To The Wall.
Sliding Bar Hangs The Rug Like A Curtain.

Hanging The Rug Using Tack-Strips

The other easiest way to do this without having to attach any permanent loops or attachments to the rug itself is by using tack-strips. You can find these at any hardware store.

The first thing you need to do is to decide whether you want to let the rug hang freely from the wall or whether you want it to lie flush against the wall and secured to it.

Do Not Pin Or Nail Rugs Directly To The Wall.

If you want the rug to hang freely, you only need a tack strip that is the same measure as the width of the rug.

If you want the rug to lie flush, you will need enough tack strips to run around the top, bottom, and sides of the rug.

Place the coated tack strip along the wall where you want the top of rug to go. The most important thing here is to make sure that the tack strip is running exactly horizontal and straight. Use a level to double check this.

Once you have got your exact placement and the top placement is level, hammer nails in the tack strip to attach it to the wall.

The length of this top tack strip should be the exact measure of the top edge of the rug. Make sure it is not longer or shorter. The plain nails are purely for functional purposes.

Attaching The Rugs To The Track-Strip

Lift the rug and press the top edge firmly against this top strip. You will need some help if the rug is too big or too heavy. 

Using upholstery nails, secure the rug to the mounted tack strip. Depending on the size and weight of the rugs, you may need to use more than one upholstery nail at each corner and a couple of them in the center too. These upholstery nails will be visible so you should take extra care when choosing them.

The plain nails are purely for functional purposes but you can also choose some very elaborate nails that look decorative and will enhance the entire look of your rug hanging on the wall.

Free Hanging Rugs

For a freely hanging rug, you only need to attach the top edge of the rug. However, if you are planning on attaching the rug all over to the wall, you will have to repeat the same on all 4 sides and that’s it!

As you can see, this is something you can do yourself if the rug is small to medium-sized and not very heavy. For a larger or heavier rug, you can still hang it up yourself but you may need some help with lifting the rug and fixing it on.

Small and Medium Sized Rugs Can be Hanged Freely Attaching Only The Top Edges Of The Rug

Hanging Heavy Weight Rugs

The second method of hanging a rug should be used for large and heavy-Weight rugs. Attach the tape to the back of the rug in the same way as for a smaller rug.

First, cut the tape into 12-inch sections and attach the sections to the Rug 1/2 Inch apart. These gaps permit the use of additional brackets and prevent sagging. Insert a suitable rod. Attach rod support the brackets to the wall aligned with the gaps in the tape.

Pass A Bar Through The Strip And Hang The Rug.
Secure The Rug By Attaching A Tape On The Back Of The Rug.

It’s important to hang your Persian rug on the wall correctly so that you don’t damage it.

There are no restrictions as to which room you can hang your Persian rug in. However, some rooms are more suitable than others.

Regardless of where you choose to hang your rug, the most important thing to make sure is that you get the right size rug for the wall space that’s available.

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15 thoughts on “How To Hang A Rug On A Wall

  1. Hi Rose,

    I have a Persian silk rug made in Qom. The size is 1m*2m and aprox 2kg.

    Would you recommend Hanging The Rug With Clips for this size and weight? If not, what is your suggestions to hang the rug without damaging the fabric in long term?


    1. Dear Bahar,
      Since your rug is silk it is better to add some packing in a pack of rug and pass a bar through it like a curtain. the clips may hurt on your rug for a long time. I email you picture how to do this

  2. May I please also get the above referenced picture of how to add some “packing” in a pack, I don’t understand what that is. I also have a silk rug (Tabriz) that I would like to hang on a wall without damaging it. Thank you so much!

    1. Dear Sophie,
      Do you want to hand your rug if so send me pictures of your rug so I will let you know how to hang your rug?

  3. Sophie
    Any ideas on how to straighten a “warped” wall hanging rug (8’5″ X 11’9″)? The rug is attached to the wall mount with velcro, and the wall mount board is installed perfectly straight to the ceiling line. The top of the rug is attached to the board perfectly straight, however the rug hangs with a 3″ to 4″ “warp” to the lower left. Therefore, when you look at the ceiling, the rug is hung straight, however starting about 2′ down length wise, the rug begins to warp to the lower left side of the bottom of the rug. The rug is brand new, and has never been cleaned. I have tried to adjust the top of the rug by realigning the back of the rug with velcro to the mounting board, but if I adjust too much, it is not straight to the ceiling wall. Appreciate any thoughts you might have.

  4. Hi Rose, would you please be so kind to email me directions also about hanging a silk rug w/o damaging the fibers long term?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. please let me know what direction you are asking for. for Hanging the silk rug is better to add some backing that the bar can go through it.

  5. Is it possible to hang a 3M x 2M Qum rug? I have smaller Qum hung on walls, but wondered whether the extra size/weight of the larger rug would make it more difficult / susceptible to the rug being damaged by the stitching required to affix the hanging ‘tube’/straps.

    1. Dear Chris
      Yes, you could hang any size of rug but for heavy rugs need to add some wood on the wall and use clips to hang your rugs. if you need more information let me know to send you some pictures.

  6. Please can you also send me details on how I can hang a Persian rug on the wall. It will need to be hung from its short end. It’s 1.7m x 1.2m. Thanks

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