Heartwarming Journey of a Long-Time Catalina Rug Client

I received an email from our long-time client, Bill, that touched my heart. Bill has been a part of the Catalina Rug family since 2005, and over the years, he has shared with us his love for our Persian rugs and the memories they hold for him.

His journey with us began on a Saturday in June 2005, when he visited our store, then located on Catalina Ave in Redondo Beach. It was there that he met my brother Bobby, who introduced him to the beauty of Heriz rugs.

Bobby’s passion for the intricate design, color combination, and careful outlining that made the design “pop” left a lasting impression on Bill. He returned the following Saturday and made his first purchase – a beautiful Heriz rug.

Heriz Appraiser Certificate 2005 blur
Appraisal Certificate

In 2009, Bill returned to our store, this time meeting my parents, Jeff and Rose. They introduced him to a Bakhtiari rug, explaining why it was a superior choice.

My father, Jeff, even shared a picture of a similar rug from one of our books. Their personal touch and genuine interest in helping Bill find the perfect rug resonated with him, and he returned the following Saturday to purchase the Bakhtiari rug.

Over the years, Bill has visited other rug stores, but he has always returned to Catalina Rug. He appreciates our transparent pricing, the high-quality photos of our rugs posted online, and most importantly, the personal interest we take in ensuring his satisfaction. Today, he is the proud owner of five Persian rugs from Catalina – a Heriz, two Bakhtiaris, a Moud Mashad, and a Hamadan.

For Bill, these rugs are more than just beautiful furnishings. They are a connection to his past and a source of cherished memories. His beloved cat Ariel, who he sadly lost last year, loved lying on these rugs.

Client Photo of His Beloved Cat Ariel Lounging Confortably in their Persian Rug

Bill’s story is a beautiful reminder of why we do what we do. We are not just selling rugs; we are helping create connections, memories, and a sense of home. I am incredibly grateful to Bill for sharing his story with us and for being a part of the Catalina Rug family.

Bakhtyari 4'9" x 7'7" in our Client's Home

As a family business, we owe our success to clients like Bill, who trust us and appreciate the love and care we put into our work. We look forward to many more years of success and to continue being a part of your stories.

Best Regards,

Catalina Rug

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