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This section contains considerably valuable pieces of rug experts’ opinions you can’t find elsewhere. These include the industry’s inside stories and conducts where your average rug dealers wouldn’t share with you. This is where your transformation begins,  from a rug enthusiast to a rug connoisseur.

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How to Spot High-Quality Persian Rugs

Investing in a top-notch Persian rug can enhance the look of your living space. These captivating masterpieces have fascinated generations with their timeless appeal. But how do you determine if…Read More

How to Find the Best Persian Rug Dealers

Are you looking to buy a hand-knotted rug? Learn how to choose a reputable rug dealer with our insider’s guide. Discover key considerations for selecting a trustworthy dealer, including evaluating…Read More

Is A Persian Rug A Good Investment?

Table of Contents Persian Rugs Are Investments One of the biggest differences between hand-knotted Persian rugs and the machine made varieties is their investment value. You can buy a Persian rug…Read More

8 Famous Persian Rug Workshops
Fatollah Habibian

One of the fastest ways to transform the space inside your home is by adding a rug. It can improve a room’s appearance and enhance its decor. Aside from being…Read More

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