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This section contains considerably valuable pieces of rug experts’ opinions you can’t find elsewhere. These include the industry’s inside stories and conducts where your average rug dealers wouldn’t share with you. This is where your transformation begins,  from a rug enthusiast to a rug connoisseur.

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Does Sunlight Harm Persian Rugs?
Does Sunlight Harm Persian Rugs?

Beautiful rugs can be the centerpiece of any room, adding warmth, color, and character to your space. However, did you know that sunlight exposure can lead to rug fading over…Read More

Washable Persian Rugs

Are you tired of constantly worrying about spills and stains on your beautiful Persian rugs? Enter the world of washable Persian rugs, the perfect blend of style, convenience, and practicality.…Read More

Persian Rugs vs Turkish Rugs
Safavid Rulers

1. Historical Development Rugs have long been considered not just utilitarian items but also works of art, with a history that dates back thousands of years. Both Persian and Turkish…Read More

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