Rug Design

Understand the patterns on your rug- What are the stories the rug carries? What’s the hidden message the weaver(s) trying to convey? You would suddenly find yourself seeing the world through another pair of eyes. It’s just … magical.

4 Reasons To Buy A Kazak Rug

Kazak rugs are hugely popular among rug enthusiasts and collectors who understand their value. These are a unique type of hand-woven rug. There are a couple of features that set…Read More

15 Persian Rug Designs and Patterns

Persian rugs come in an endless variety of designs. Although each design is unique, they can all be grouped into three categories – floral designs, geometric designs, and universal designs.…Read More

7 Types Of Tribal Persian Rugs

Tribal rugs are produced by nomadic tribes that were always on the move in search for better pastures for their sheep. The nomadic lifestyle of the weavers has a major…Read More

7 Types of Village Persian Rugs
rug weaver weaving a Persian rug

Village rugs are produced by weavers that are settled in one location. They are different from tribal rugs that are produced by nomadic tribes that moved from one location to…Read More

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