Why An Oriental Rug Is Perfect For An Eco-Friendly Home

Why An Oriental Rug Is Perfect For An Eco-Friendly Home

Eco-friendly decorating is more than just a passing trend. This healthy pro-environment lifestyle is here to stay. According to some of the top interior décor experts, choosing Oriental rugs is the perfect way to highlight your eco-friendly lifestyle and tasteful décor style. Here are some of the reasons why Oriental rugs are considered eco-friendly. Sustainability […]


Silk Rugs Vs. Wool Rugs

Silk and wool are two of the most commonly used materials in Oriental rugs. Rugs made from either of these materials have different characteristics but both types look absolutely fabulous, making it really difficult to choose between the two. So what exactly are the differences between silk rugs and wool rugs and which one would […]

rug weaver weaving a Persian rug

The Dying Art of Handmade Rugs

Handmade rugs are an intricate craft. Many rug owners in the U.S. and elsewhere would be astonished to hear the amount of labor that goes into every thread, stitch and knot. This attention of detail may be part of the reason why fewer people are designing and creating hand-woven rugs from scratch these days. Case […]

The Coming Surge in Contemporary Rugs

I have written before about why contemporary Gabbeh rugs are on the rise-simple, startling palettes and unexpected patterns make these artworks a genuine craze. Now even more voices are joining the chorus in favor of these modern masterpieces, including a number of my fellow rug sellers. One recent article put it succinctly: Rugs with a […]

Get the Best Hand Knotted Rug

As one of the nation’s best known hand knotted-rugs Stores, we get asked fairly often about the buying process. Many of our clients have righty pointed out that the visual details of Oriental handmade rugs can be difficult to decipher, and that understanding what makes a quality rug can require many years of study. We’re […]

Dazzling Persian Rugs on Display

The latest news in hand-woven Persian rugs often revolves around expos, collections and auctions, but it’s not often that readers get to sample all the visual fireworks alongside the prose. Here is a rare exception -a wire story from Central Iran about a major exhibition that covers an astonishing variety of styles, motifs, sizes and […]

A Gorgeous Persian Rug Auction

Our customers know that we are consistently proud to offer a superior Persian rug selection, and that we stand behind every product in the warehouse. But our love of our inventory does not preclude an abiding appreciation for some of the most beautiful antique rugs in the world. Case in point: this Christie’s auction, which […]

A Great Piece of Journalism on Handmade Rugs

One of the nice things about working in the handmade rug trade is collecting all the latest news about this most ancient of handicrafts. Case in point: this recent article about the magic and beauty of handmade Oriental rugs. The piece is shot through with crystalline descriptions of what makes handmade rugs special, and why […]