5 Ways to Make Your Home A Happy Place With Persian Rugs

The style and color of rug that you place in a room can have a major impact on the ambiance of the room. Rugs in pastel colors set the stage for a sophisticated, formal look, and monochromatic rugs are better suited for a contemporary look.

While both of these are fantastic options if that’s the style you are going for, you will need a completely different rug style if you are looking to create a happy space.

Persian rugs in bright colors, vibrant shapes or florals are just some of the characteristics that will help make your home a happy place.

Choose Bright Geometric Patterns

Persian rugs in bright geometric patterns are very distinctive and prominent. They automatically draw your eyes because of several reasons, from their attractive color combinations to their elaborately knotted geometric shapes.

When looking at the design and layout of the geometric patterns, you cannot but envision a tribal weaver happily creating their beloved shapes one knot at a time. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

Choose Optimistic Colors

Several studies have shown that colors play such a huge role in influencing our mood. Yellows and oranges are the best colors to choose as your main color palette to create an atmosphere of cheer and joy in any room. 

Complement this with accessories in other colors to add areas of interest. You can find some beautiful Persian with predominantly yellow or orange backgrounds broken up with patterns woven in other colors.

Choose Lively Florals

Place a bunch of flowers in any room and it will brighten up the room instantly. Floral rugs have the same effect. A Persian rug with boldly colored florals will instantly instill life and cheer into the room.

Whether you choose a rug with realistic flower patterns or one with whimsical floral patterns is a matter of personal choice. Think about which one with go better with your existing décor. Either one of these is brilliant for creating a joyful space.

Choose Tree of Life Design Rugs

Tree of Life designs may seem like an unusual choice for creating a happy place. With this particular design, it’s not the colors but the profound meaning of the Tree of Life that creates a sense of deep fulfillment and joy.

The beauty of the Tree of Life design is that it can be subject to the weaver’s interpretation, which is why you find it woven in rugs in so many different variations.

If you decide on this design, take time to browse through a few and see which one stirs up the most heartfelt emotions in you. 

Choose Tribal And Village Rugs

Tribals get their inspiration from the nature around them. They use the colors and designs they see in their natural surroundings in their rugs. That is one of the reasons tribal Persian rugs are always filled with bold patterns and bright, beautiful colors, which makes them the perfect choice for creating a happy space.
Using Persian rugs is the easiest way to make your home a happy place. The 5 tips above are a good place to start your search for that perfect rug for your home. .

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