How To Decorate With Persian Rugs And Still Achieve A Minimalist Home

At first thought, Persian rugs may not sound like they would fit into a home that’s done up in minimalistic style. With their elaborate designs and complex patterns done mostly in bright colors, Persian rugs are not surprisingly the last choice for adding into a minimalist home. Unfortunately, in excluding Oriental rugs from their options, minimalist home owners are overlooking a fabulous décor element. When done right, with some thought put into it, you can add a Persian rug in your home without disrupting your overall minimalistic theme.

Adding a brightly colored Persian rug to the room can inject a punch of color in a neutral colored room.

Consider The Overall Color Scheme Of The Room

Color plays a significant role in minimalistic décor, with white being an overwhelmingly popular choice. However, it certainly isn’t the only color that is used in this type of décor. When creating a minimalistic space, the idea is not too overwhelm the senses with too many loud colors. That’s something to think about when choosing a Persian rug for your Minimalist home.

If you want to be on the absolute safe side, choose a rug that is closest to the color schemed of your home. This is especially important if you are looking for a large size rug. You want the rug to enhance the décor subtly rather than create a bold statement on its own.

On the other hand, if you would like to be a little bit more adventurous, adding a brightly colored Persian rug to the room can inject a lovely punch of color in an otherwise all-neutral colored room. One thing you want to keep in mind though is to choose a rug with fewer design elements. A very ornate rug with intricate designing all over can detract from the minimalistic look of the room.

Avoid Cluttering The Room With Too Many Rugs

‘Less is more’ is the underlying principle of minimalistic décor. The more things you add to a room, no matter how beautiful the item, the less minimalistic the décor looks. Remember, you are trying to keep things down to the bare minimum. This applies to everything, including your rugs.

The size of rug you buy will depend a lot on the size of the room and where exactly you wish to place the rug. To keep up the minimalist theme, either choose one large rug that will take center stage in the room or choose one small rug to place under a side table or to cover a corner or side that’s otherwise too bare.

Use A Small Persian Rug As Wall Décor

These rugs are not just for floors. Smaller sized Persian rugs make a great style statement when used as wall décor. To choose the right rug for your wall, start by taking a good look at the room and visualize what type of rug will go well with the overall décor scheme. Determine what size will look best for the space where you want to hang the rug. Last but not least, think about what color rug will go best in that space to enhance the overall décor.

You don’t have to rule out Persian rugs completely even if you’ve got your heart set on creating a minimalist home. The tips above will help you incorporate a rug that will maintain the overall style without being disruptive.


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