How To Style Your Home With Persian Rugs

Persian rugs add a fabulous element of style to your home décor but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. Should you have multiple rugs or just one? Should it complement your existing décor or does a contrasting style look better? How to choose the right patterns and colors? All of these questions can […]

Top 5 MOST SEARCHED Oriental Rugs In Our Site

Top 5 Most Searched Oriental Rugs In Our Site

Bokhara Bokhara rugs originated from the Bokhara area in Central Asia. These rugs are usually constructed with a wool pile on a wool or cotton foundation. The type of wool used for the pile determines the ultimate look and quality of the rug. Rugs made with wool obtained from New Zealand look sleek and shiny […]

How To Extend The Life Of Your Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are generally very durable and stay looking good for several decades. This does not mean you can just leave your rug uncared for. A rug that is not maintained will begin to look worn and will lose its original beauty. Fortunately, all it takes is a little extra attention and care to extend […]

How To Achieve A Bohemian Interior With Kilim Rugs

If you love warm, inviting earth tones and gravitate toward unique decorative pieces and furnishings from all over the world, then Bohemian interiors may be the perfect style to reflect your personal aesthetic. There are several décor items you can use to create a Bohemian interior, from colorful drapes and furnishings to kitschy lamp shades, […]

What Your Oriental Rug Says About You

What Your Oriental Rug Says About You

Every Oriental rug, whether an antique that has been in the family for years or one that you recently purchased, has a story attached to it. This is especially true for hand-made, hand-knotted Oriental rugs that have been painstakingly created by skilled weavers who craft their story and experiences into the design of the rug. […]

What Are Hand-Knotted Rugs

What Are Hand-Knotted Rugs?

In this modern age of technology and machine-made convenience, it is interesting to know that there are still some age-old techniques that add value and beauty to your home. We’re talking about hand-knotted rugs. Features Of Hand-Knotted Rugs Hand-knotted rugs are made entirely by hand. Skilled weavers work at for hours on end patiently creating […]