Rug Stories

This is our FAVORITE section, this is where the rug heritage lives. From the history, the folk tales, the world news to the rug owners stories, you would never be bored reading these amazing stories.

Persian Rugs Los Angeles

Catalina Rug Has Been In The Rug Business For Three Generations Catalina Rug has been in the rug business for three generations. Through the years every generation has remained steadfastly…Read More

What Are Hand-Knotted Rugs?
What Are Hand-Knotted Rugs

In this modern age of technology and machine-made convenience, it is interesting to know that there are still some age-old techniques that add value and beauty to your home. We’re…Read More

Traditional Rugs Vs Kilim Rugs
Traditional Rugs Vs Kilim Rugs Are you looking to buy a new rug but cannot decide between Kilim rugs and traditional rugs? It can be confusing at first but once you learn a little…Read More

Kashan Rug Guide
Kashan Rug Guide

Kashan rugs are high quality Persian rugs that are named after the town in which they are manufactured. Situated in central Iran, Kashan is one of the oldest towns in…Read More

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