5 Smart Tips To Help Pets And Oriental Rugs Co-Exist

Pets are a huge part of our families, and it would be a shame to have to choose between a beloved family pet and a beloved piece of home décor. For those who love Oriental rugs just as much as they love their pets, they may believe that one cannot co-exist with the other. You’ll be relieved to know that’s not entirely true.

We’ve rounded up five tips to help you keep a healthy, happy home with both pets and Oriental rugs.

Here are some points to consider when you have found your dream rug, and you want to bring it into your pet-friendly home:

The Rug Material Matters

The best rug material for a pet-friendly (or even a family-friendly) home is wool.  Wool doesn’t absorb spills or stains as easily as silk. Plus, it is easy to wipe or blot clean. Wool doesn’t absorb moisture as easily as silk or cotton, so any water, spills, or accidents can be easily cleaned with a little water, a paper towel, or a quick shake outside.

If you have a lighter-colored pet, consider getting a lighter-colored rug. A flat-weave, fringe-free rug may be the best choice for a home with pets.

If you have cats, make sure you don’t purchase sisal rugs, unless you want your cat to use your rug as a very expensive scratcher. Yeah, cats!

An Interesting Look At Color Choices

You may think that a darker colored rug is best when you have pets running around your home. But this is not necessarily so. When choosing color, consider your pet’s fur color. If you have a lighter-colored pet, consider getting a lighter-colored rug. The same goes for your darker pets, such as mackerel tabby cats, black dogs, or darker colored animals in general. Go with a color that looks good inside your home but may also hide occasional tufts of fur or that can easily be moved and shaken if it needs cleaned quickly.

Choose Patterned Rugs Over Plain

A patterned rug may be best to hide any dirt, occasional grime, or tell-tale “accidents” that may have settled before you could get to them. Don’t get one that has a very busy pattern however. It may be difficult to spot stains on heavily patterned rugs and these will then set in. Small patterns may also help you spot any stains before they can set. Make sure the pattern is one that you like and make sure it coordinates well with your current or new décor.

Choose Low Pile Over High

Low-pile or flat-weave rugs work best with pets because they keep odor away, they are easier to clean or sweep, and they are more comfortable for your pet to walk on, lounge on, and even sleep on. Smaller kilim rugs may work well with cats and dogs. The higher the pile, the easier it is for dirt, grime, and odor to not only sink into the rug, but permeate the air of your house as well.

Fringes Are Best Avoided

Unless you have an older dog, it may be best to avoid fringe. Cats and kittens especially love fringe, and puppies love to chew on fringe as well. A flat-weave, fringe-free rug may be the best choice for a home with pets.

Pets and Oriental rugs can happily co-exist with a little planning and forethought. Keep pile low, make sure patterns are small, and find a wool rug so the whole family can enjoy your home.



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2 thoughts on “5 Smart Tips To Help Pets And Oriental Rugs Co-Exist

  1. I love that I can use augmented reality to see your rugs in the room. I have always had cats, (only one at a time). My cats never scratched my “fake”oriental (Polypropylene), or my nice wool oriental style that I bought at a rug store ( I am not sure if it was authentic, but it was just a small area rug– it was wool. When I move to my current home I bought a looped “modern” wool carpet. It was an invitation to scratch, even for my old cat, and now that I have a kitten, even more so, I am looking to replace the loop pyle rug and I love orientals.

    These are a lot of words to frame my question. Will my cat scratch a real oriental? I am less concerned with odors and stains (those can be cleaned and she is fastidious) than with scratching. What is your experience. I have my eye on a Kazak carpet in your inventory.

    1. Dear Adrienne,
      The kazak rugs are good but if you would like to have rugs that your cat doesn’t hurt it easily you could see Heriz rugs too.

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5 Smart Tips To Help Pets And Oriental Rugs Co-Exist
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