Office Rugs

Office Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs

Placing Persian rugs strategically in an open plan office is an easy, affordable, and versatile way to define functional zones. It beats placing dividers, which, while they serve the purpose will also make the room look smaller and more cluttered.

With Persian rugs, changing the configuration is super easy too – you simply change the layout of the rugs and that’s it!

Persian Rugs Can Help Define Functional Zones Within An Open Plan Office


Persian Rug In The office
Choose Low Pile Rugs If You Plan To Put An Office Chair On The Rug.

What To Consider When Choosing Office Persian Rugs

When choosing office Persian rugs, very first thing to do is consider the size of the space, the existing furniture in the space and what are the functional zones you want to set up. This will give you some clarity on how many rugs you will need and the size of each of these rugs.

Two things to keep in mind when selecting a Persian rug to place in your office:

• A low piled rug is best for the office space especially if you are planning on placing your office chair on the rug. The constant backwards and forwards movements of the chair rollers can cause deep grooves in the pile, which can mar the surface of a deep-piled rug. This won’t happen with a low-piled rug.

• It’s best to steer clear of rugs with fringes in this space if you are using an office chair with roller wheels. The fringes can get caught up in the wheels, damaging both the chair and the rug.


Heriz Rug
Choose A Rug Color That Complements 2 Or 3 Main Colors In The Room.

Styling Your Home Office With Oriental Rugs

The rug style and your preferred layout will depend largely on the size of your office and the existing décor. You can either use multiple rugs to define your workplace or use a round rug in the center of a small meeting room.

When it comes to rug style and color, it’s best to choose a rug that complements two or three main colors in the room.

Complementary colors will create workspace that’s more conducive to staying focus and less likely to be distracting.