Making A Bold Style Statement With Heriz Rugs

Heriz rugs are woven using bright, vibrant colors and bold design with very distinctive features that make them instantly recognizable from other rugs produced in the region. These carpets often feature a gigantic, geometric medallion that is placed on a field of brick red or rust colors. The corner spandrels are typically white with a double or even a triple outline. The remaining area is covered with palmettes, vines and zigzag contouring.

Origins of the Heriz Rug

As with most other Persian rugs, these rugs are named after the place in which they are manufactured. Heriz, a small city in the Northwest of Iran is the birthplace of these rugs. The art spread quickly and soon these distinctive rugs were being woven by skillful weavers in and round Heriz, including Mount Sabalan. The wool sourced from these hills is more rugged and durable and this is attributed to the rich copper deposits found in the area, which explains the extended durability of these colorful rugs.

Dyeing The Rugs

Older Heriz rugs were woven using only organic dyes that were naturally obtained from the vegetation native to the region. The weavers of the region were skilled in the abrash weaving technique. This technique used a deft interplay of colors so that instead of one solid color, the finished rug had several shades of the same base color.

Even the dyeing process was so highly evolved that the dyes lasted for several years without any deterioration in the shades. Instead, as the rugs age, they simply acquire a subtle sheen that gives them a lovely sophisticated look that is actually considered very desirable.

While the older Herizes were all made with pure vegetable dyes, during the last twenty to forty years, chemical dyes began to be used. That this has not diminished their appeal or their popularity is testimony to the skill of the weavers. You will see that some of the best rugs produced during this time period often feature a mix of natural and chemical dyes.

Design Elements Of A Heriz

The most prominent design element that can be seen on Heriz carpets is the boldly colored, 8-sided geometric medallion that is featured in the center of the rug. The medallion is clearly delineated from the richly colored field by two or sometimes even three lines of contrasting colors. This designing technique is a hallmark feature of Heriz rugs. Whatever the shape of the central geometric medallion, its monumental size coupled with the marked angular drawing makes these rugs instantly recognizable from other Persian variations.

An Excellent Option In Any Setting

For homeowners as well as commercial enterprises that are looking for a hard-wearing flooring option that will last for generations without losing its good looks, Heriz rugs are the perfect solution.