Modern Interior Design With Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are making their mark on modern interior design! Thanks to their intricate patterns and beautiful colors, they can add a touch of luxury to any room.

But what are the best ways to use Oriental rugs in modern interior design? Read on to find out!

What Is Modern Design

One of the most popular design styles today is modern design. Think sleek lines, minimal furniture and neutral color palettes. As more people strive to create a calming and orderly space in their homes. However, modern interior design is not always simple to achieve.

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Modern Interior
Modern Interior Is All About Clean Lines, Open Designs, And Bold Geometric Shapes.

Modern interior design incorporates:

  • Simple and clean lines
  • Monochromatic or neutral color palettes
  • Natural materials and elements
  • Environmentally friendly materials
Scandinavian Interior
Key Elements Of Modern Interior IncludesNeutral Color Palettes And Creating A Space.

It is also about functionality and creating a space that meets the needs of the people who live there. For example, a family with young children may want to incorporate open storage in their design in order to make it easier to keep the toys tidy.

Ultimately, modern interior design is about creating a functional and stylish space that works for the lifestyle of the people who live there.

Choosing The Perfect Color Palette

One of the most important decisions in any design style is the color palette. The right colors make a space feel inviting and stylish, while the wrong colors can make a room feel chaotic or cold.

For modern looks, designers recommend using a limited color palette of neutral shades or monochromatic color schemes. This can include white, black, gray with textures of natural materials like woods and metals. These colors are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to create different looks.

A lovely option if you want to bring a rug into your space that is monochromatic using blacks and whites could be using a rug such as this Oushak 3’0”x4’8” and you see the entire collection of Oushak here.

This Oushak rug is hand knotted with 100% handspun Ghazni wool pile and cotton foundation. The high contrast black and white helps to make a bold impact in your modern and sleek home.

Oushak 3'0'' x 4'8''
Oushak 3'0'' x 4'8''

When using a neutral color palette it is important to incorporate lots of different textures and patterns to add interest to the space. That is why an Oriental or Persian rug can be the perfect addition to the space.

Using a neutral colored rug is with pattern is a great way to add in lovely comforting textures with a stylish finish.

Add A Lot of Texture When Using Neutral Color Rug.

A great option for a neutral-colored rug you may want to incorporate into your modern design is this beautiful Oushak 3’3” x 3’3” rug.

It is an Oriental rug that is hand knotted with 100% handspun Ghazni wool pile and cotton foundation. The rug has an all over design and its field and border of brown from vegetable dyes.

Oushak 3'3'' x 3'3''
Oushak 3'3'' x 3'3''

Another great option is to bring in a pop of color to compliment the neutral colors that are throughout the rest of the space. By doing this you can incorporate the color of your choosing such as reds or blues.

This image shows a good example of modern design that has mostly neutrals and incorporates a color into the rug and pulls it together with a touch of complimentary colors in the throw cushions.

The Colors Of Kashan Rugs Can Easily Bring In Pop Of Color To Your Neutral Themed Modern Interiors.

If you like this look, a great option to achieve this style is this Kashan 8’5”x12’2” which incorporates touches of neutral colors with beige tones and black to tie it into the color palette but brings in the vibrant pop of color.

Two Are Better Than One

One trend that has been growing in popularity for modern design is the use of layered rugs. This can be done by placing a smaller rug on top of a larger one or by using different shapes and sizes to create the layered look.

It can also be done by using multiple rugs in one room to create an interesting contrast of patterns and designs. This is a great way to play with texture in your space. It helps add interest in a room, and it can also help to delineate different areas within a large space.

Using Multiple Rugs Create An Interesting Contrast Of Patterns And Designs.

To get the look you can pair any two of your favorite rugs. This image shows two rugs with a lot of contrast, one with a warm color scheme and the other with a cool.

Their patterns very from one having a border to the other having an all over pattern. This shows how you can really mix and match the styles for a dramatic look.

One option for styling the mix and match rug look could be done by pairing this Kazak 8’3”x10’5” which offers a lovely floral design with a field of blue and blue border made from vegetable dyes with an Oushak 8’11” x 11”8” with an all over design in a bright blue design.

Kazak 8'3'' x 10'5''
Kazak 8'3'' x 10'5''
Oushak 8'11'' x 11'8''
Oushak 8'11'' x 11'8''

What Styles Work Well With Modern Design

Geometric Styles

One style that works particularly well with modern styles is geometric designs. The clean lines in geometric shapes imitates the line style that is common in contemporary home, and work well with sleek furniture and sharp angles.

In addition, the colors and designs of geometric Oriental rugs can help inject a sense of playfulness into a space. Whether you choose a rug with bold graphics or more subtle hues, it is sure to add visual interest to your decor.

A great option to incorporate the geometric style of Persian rug would be using a rug like this Tabriz 3’7”x5’4” in your home.

This is a decorative piece that offers a beige field that goes nicely with the neutral tones of modern design.

Tabriz 3'7" x 5'4"
Tabriz 3'7" x 5'4"

Whether you’re looking for a way to add texture and interest to your space or you’re trying to tie together different element, Oriental rugs are a great option for modern interior design. And with so many different color schemes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your personal style.

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