Rug Value

If you are curious about why an authentic Persian rug is so valuable. Or, you simply would like to know whether you are paying the right price for your rug. You are at the RIGHT place.

This section explains everything that constitutes the rug value, topics like knot counts, rug material, knot types, specific patterns, rug origins and etc.


Is A Persian Rug A Good Investment?

Table of Contents Persian Rugs Are Investments One of the biggest differences between hand-knotted Persian rugs and the machine made varieties is their investment value. You can buy a Persian rug…Read More

How Important Is A Knot Count

Knot count – an interesting term that has sparked off several discussions amongst rug enthusiasts. While some insist that rug count plays a key role in determining the cost of…Read More

Are Oriental Runners Worth Buying?

Oriental runners look gorgeous but they cost much more than an area rug with the same dimensions. When deciding between the available options, homeowners often wonder whether it is worth…Read More

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