How To Style Your Home With Persian Rugs

Persian rugs add a fabulous element of style to your home décor but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. Should you have multiple rugs or just one? Should it complement your existing décor or does a contrasting style look better? How to choose the right patterns and colors? All of these questions can prevent you from getting started.

The good news is styling your home with Persian rugs is easy, especially if you keep these few guidelines in mind.

Keep Everything Else Fresh And Simple

Persian rugs are known for their ornate patterns and sometimes bold colors. If you keep the rest of the room fresh, light and simple, then decorating with Persian rugs is a snap. Dark colors can be lightened with lighter walls, and the furniture can be used in a “floating” design, so the rug is used as an anchor for the rest of the room. The larger the rug, the lighter everything else in the room should feel.

Use the rug as an anchor for the rest of the room. Play with patterns or stack a couple of Persian rugs.

Use Layering

Layering isn’t as difficult as it sounds. This is a simple technique that only requires two rugs, and one rug should be slightly larger than the other. Make sure the two rugs are the same shape—oval with oval, rectangle with rectangle, or square with square.

Whether you choose to have a lighter rug on the bottom or the top, layering two rugs is a wonderful way to add a pop of color and dimension to a smaller room or a darker room. The extra padding helps with warmth and comfort, too!

Play With Patterns

Paying with patterns in your Persian rugs is a wonderful way to bring some decorative excitement to any room. Keep in mind that the more geometric patterns tend to work best with this technique, but any patterns you choose will work so long as the colors are harmonious.

Patterns work best when the rest of the room is kept fresh and simple, as previously mentioned. Playing with patterns is a great way to incorporate an eclectic sense of style to your décor.

Stack Them Up In A Patchwork Design

If you absolutely love Persian rugs and have begun a small collection, stacking them into a type of patchwork design is a wonderful way to show them all off!

Guests will be wowed by your innovative design and any room will feel warmer and cozier with this unique technique. As long as the colors are harmonious and the overall designs are small, this is a wonderful way to show off any rug, whether it is a Persian or not. This type of design works best in larger rooms, or if your room is smaller, it can work as a focal point to show off your collection.

Persian rugs are wonderful for adding color and style to your home, no matter what your chosen palette of colors. Show off your exquisite taste and quirky sensibility with these great tips meant to showcase your favorite Persian rugs, no matter what color, style, or shape they come in. Every home can benefit from a gorgeous Persian rug.

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