Ultimate Persian Runner Size Guide For The Hallway

Very few accessories can create the kind of dramatic makeover in the hallway as a Persian rug can. A Persian rug can transform a cold empty hallway devoid of any character into a warm welcoming space that’s bursting with character and flair. What’s more, you can choose to create any look you want in the hallway by simply choosing the right rug. Whether you’re aiming for traditional, Bohemian or sleek and sophisticated, you’re sure to find a rug that will help you nail the look.

While the exact dimensions may differ, hallways of most homes are usually long and narrow. Runner rugs are the best option for these types of long, narrow spaces. You can find Persian runner rugs in a wide range of length by width combination to suit just about any hallway dimensions. The key to achieving the perfect look in hallway is to first determine what size of runner rug will look best in that space.

While there are no hard and fast rules with any aspect of home décor or rug placement, the rug sizing tips below serve as useful guidelines to start with.

The One Most Important Runner Sizing Tip

If there’s one hallway rug sizing tip that you must keep in mind, it’s this – Always leave some space between the walls and the runner edge. Here’s why this is so important.

The hallway is a long, narrow space. Covering that long, narrow floor space wall-to-wall with a rug will give the whole room an overwhelming, cluttered look. That definitely does not feel welcoming as you open the door and enter your home. 

In fact, the cluttered look can make you feel more exhausted and drained, which is the opposite of how you would want to feel when you get home after a long day.

The idea behind placing a runner rug is to create a space that feels welcoming, refreshing, and calming as you walk in through the door. A simple, easy way to do this is by leaving some space between the runner edges and the walls. 

It’s unbelievable what a huge difference this one trick can make. The bare floor space between the rug edges and the walls opens up the room and creates an illusion of spaciousness and airiness that feels incredibly reenergizing.

How Much Space Do You Need To Leave Between The Runner's Edge And The Walls
There is no one measure that’s right for all hallways. A lot will depend on the size of your hallways and whether or not you have any furniture in the room. At the very minimum, you should leave at least half an inch each side between the rug edges and the wall. If your hallways is wider than average, you can leave as much as four to six inches each side between the rug edges and the wall. Having more space is good but you must take care to center the rug so it creates a balanced space.


A long, narrow runner, intricately designed and measuring 2.6 x 10 can create a stunning impact when placed along the hallway.

Other Hallway Rug Tips To Keep In Mind

The rug sizing tips below will help refine your hallways even more:

The length of the rug matters. As with the width, it’s best not to have the rug cover the entire length of the hallway from one wall to another. You should leave some space between the rug edges and the walls at both ends. 

The exact amount of space will depend on the look you want to achieve. A smaller runner will make the hallways look smaller and cozier. A longer runner will make your hallway look larger and more luxurious.

If you have furniture in the hallway like a coat rack, side table or an Ottoman, make sure they are fully off the runner rug. With the front legs on the rug and the back legs off the rug, the furniture will be unsteady, which can be both uncomfortable and unsafe.

If you plan on placing a longer runner rug in the hallway, one end of the rug may end up falling within the opening arc of the door. In this case you must consider the pile height of the rug and the amount of clearance between the door end and the floor. You want to make sure that the door can be opened and closed easily over the rug pile.

How To Measure Your Hallway

Malayer Persian Runner Rug

It would be a mistake to guess what size runner would look best for the hallway. Choosing a rug that’s too big can be just as bad as choosing one that’s too small. For the perfect sizing, grab a measure tape and measure the hallway.

Remember not to measure the hallway from wall to wall. When measuring, take into consideration the amount of floor space you want to leave at the edges and the ends of the rug.

If you have furniture in the hallway, measure from the front feet of the furniture.

Just measuring the space still does not give you an actual preview of how the hallway will look with a particular rug size. To get a clearer idea of the effect of the rug on the hallway, you can take this exercise one step further by using masking tape to create an outline of where the rug will lie. 

With an outline created you will be able to visualize the rug in the hallway and can make a better decision on whether or not it is the right size.

If you think it may be too small or too big, repeat the exercise till you are 100% happy with the effect. It may take time but you’ll be glad you did that every time you enter your doorway.