Free Rug Concierge Service

Exclusively for Catalina Rug Customers for Lifetime of Your Rug

At Catalina Rug, we want our customers to ENJOY and be HASSLE-FREE when owning a rug.

Hassle-Free Way to Keep Your Rug Looking Great as New

We know that you love your rug and it is a piece of art meant to be cherished for generations.

However, accidents can happen.. wear and tear, damage or accidental spills are sometimes part of rug ownership.

And we know if it happens, it is heart-wrenching to see.

But when you buy a rug from us you never have to worry about cleaning or repairing it, ever again - because we take care of it for you - if you’d like us to.

Here’s how it works…

It is as easy as CALL-ROLL-PACK,  and everything will be taken care of.

Why Catalina Rug's Concierge Service?

Exclusively for Catalina Rug Customers

This service is exclusive to rugs you have purchased or will purchase directly from us. 

Because we are confident of the quality of the rugs we carry and can only offer professional cleaning and repair when we are confident in the quality of a rug.  

Thus, we will NOT accept any rugs that were not purchased directly from Catalina Rug.


How to Get Free Rug Concierge Service for Lifetime of Your Rug?

Purchase any of our rugs storewide and you are automatically enrolled in our free rug concierge service.

If anything happens for the lifetime of your rug, just contact us and we will take care of it. 

 We handle everything including choosing the best expert for the job, negotiation price, logistics, pickup and dropoff – Saving you time and worry. You just pay for the shipping and workmanship (cleaning or repair).