Orange Rugs

Orange Persian Rugs

Safran is the origin of the Orange used in Persian Rugs

Persian cuisine has long been known for its use of the delicate spice Safran, so it’s only fitting that some of the most beautiful examples of hand-knotted rugs are these orange Persian and Oriental rugs.

Traditionally one of the most expensive plants, the highest quality of Safran and the one often responsible for the stunning shades of orange you see below comes from Ghanta, a small city of Khorasan.

Orange can be found both as the rug’s main color, or in the design work, and one of the more striking examples is with our Sarouk rugs.

Creating Warmth and Visual Interest in a Room

One note to consider when choosing the right orange Oriental Rug for your home is how to use its Safran-infused coloring to your advantage. Since orange is a warmer color, you’ll find similar uses to rugs that feature yellow and red.

The inherent vibrancy and energy gives even bigger rooms a feeling of closeness. If you’re set on buying an Orange Wool Rug, then surrounding it with neutral tones like white or ivory will help the rug stand out, while a bolder choice would be to consider the opposite of the color wheel and go for blues in an accent wall, creating more warmth and visual interest overall for your new room.

List of Persian Rug Colors: