Purple Rugs

Purple Persian Rugs

A color known worldwide for its connection to royalty, there is a sense of reality here in these Purple Persian and Oriental Rugs. Made with a dye derived from the Barberry plant which grows in Khorasan, the berry of which is one of the best for making the purple found in Mashad rugs, and the others from that state.

It is one of the most common colors for designing the flowers found on Persian rugs. The color purple has a long history in the designs of these rugs and should prove to be a dynamic piece in your home.

What interior decorators are doing with Purple Persian Rugs

For a rug that features purple, you can begin your design planning by thinking about the component colors, red and blue. If your space already features one of those two shades prominently, your Purple Persian Rug will likely complement well.

Though this rug may be too colorful to fit cleanly in a typical modern home, keep in mind that those clean, stylistic elements can bring the room’s focus to the warm colors and designs of your rug, giving you an interior look all your own.

List of Persian Rug Colors: