Burgundy Rugs

Burgundy Persian Rugs

There are few colors so intricately tied in with the beautiful hand-knotted Persian rug as burgundy, which makes these Burgundy Persian and Oriental Rugs well worth celebrating.

Burgundy color is a rich red that evokes wine. It’s derived from a plant from the Khorasan state, which is why so many of the Mashad rugs feature this Burgundy color on the field or in their borders. Similarly, the nearby Moud also features burgundy in their woven masterpieces, using it as a part of their floral designs.

The rich possibilities of designing with Burgundy Persian Rugs

A Persian rug designed primarily with burgundy is a sight to behold, an emotive and powerful piece for your home. This attention is why Burgundy Persian Rugs are so sought after, but it is also why they need a moment of consideration to be best utilized in your home.

If you’re designing around your rug, know that creams and light colors will help the intensity of the burgundy stand out even more. For a room that already has shades of brown, magenta, or red, colors which burgundy is made up of, a burgundy rug could be a great addition.

List of Persian Rug Colors: