Red Rugs

Red Persian Rugs

Red Colors Commonly Found in Mashad, Sarouk and Tabriz Persian Rugs

There is perhaps no more iconic color for a Persian rug than red. Bold, beautiful works of art, these Persian rugs showcase the best of the creativity and craftsmanship that go into each hand-knotted rug.

These red colors – based on vegetable dyes – provide an all-natural addition to your home.

You’ll find that each region of rug makers finds a new way to accentuate the natural beauty of red Oriental rugs.

Traditionally, you can find more of a Burgundy red by searching for Mashad rugs. If you are more interested in an orange-red, you’ll be well served with a Sarouk rug.

The Tabriz rugs showcase a wide variety of reds in their designs, too.

Energy and Feeling Created by Red, Orange and Yellow Color Oriental Rugs

Because of the boldness of red Persian and oriental rugs, having the opportunity to place one in your home can be very inspiring. One way to use these designs is to consider how warm colors like red, orange and yellow have innate energy that can bring a large room together, even making it feel intimate.

You can help a red Persian rug fit in your home by matching it with an equally bold wall, particularly with another deep, warm hue. Red Persian and Oriental rugs also work as the centerpiece of the room, playing well off of neutral furniture with wall accessories that were picked to match.

How to Decorate with Red Persian Rugs

For those looking to add a vibrant and bold touch of color to their home decor, there is no better option than a red Persian rug! These luxurious rugs are timeless in appearance and captivate the eye with striking tones, intricate patterns, and terrific textures.
Red Persian Rugs Can Be Bold Yet Flexible.

Tips for Using Red Persian Rugs

A red Persian rug can be a bold statement to incorporate into your space so it is important to consider how you want to style it.
  • Consider your color scheme
    An important factor to consider when choosing a red Persian rug is the color scheme of the room. If the room is very colorful, you will need to make sure that there are other elements of red throughout the room or that the red rug will be complimentary of the colors that are already in the room. On the other hand, if your room is fairly neutral, a red rug can help to add some visual interest and a pop of color to the space.
Red Can Instantly Add A Pop Of Color To A Neutral Themed Interior.
  • Consider your furniture
    You will want to make sure that the red rug you are choosing compliments your furniture and does not clash. For example, if you have light furniture you may want to choose a darker red rug to compliment your furniture or the opposite, if you have dark furniture you may want to use a light rug to create contrast.
  • Keep in mind the style of your home
    If your home is decorated in a certain style this can help to influence the rug you select. Red rugs work very nicely with styles such as traditional and rustic that utilize a lot of deep colors and natural wood tones, making red a perfect color for these styles.
  • Consider your personal style!
    While your room may be one style if you like to bring in an eclectic or bohemian taste you can feel free to mix and match designs. Don’t feel limited by your rooms style and feel restricted in what you can choose. You want to make sure that you choose a rug that you love and that fits your personal aesthetic!

Colors of Different Styles of Rugs

Every style of rug has there own color of red that you can expect from them. The difference comes from what material is used to create the dyes. They can come from a variety of different vegetables and plants that can produce a variety of different red colors.

These are the types of reds you can expect from each style –

Tabriz  – Dark red, rose red, and apple reds
Kashan – Pinkish reds
Mashad – Wine red
Heriz – Rust red and brick red
Sarouk – Orange red

Go For A Sarouk If You Are More Interested In Orange-red Rugs.

How Are Red Rugs Made?

The creation of deep, rich shades of red dye requires sourcing and mixing the right pigments. Persian rugs are made from natural dyes that can produce a wide range of tones. These come dyes can be made from things like vegetables, roots, leaves and flowers such as walnuts, barberry, pomegranate, rhubarb and irises.

The most common dye of red rugs is madder, which produces a more orange-red. Cochineal which is produced from certain insects and is called carapace produces a burgundy red. Another one of the most popular dye materials is Safflower which is used in some areas to produce red dyes.

The wool need to be boiled with the vegetable dyes to create the distinctive red hues depending on the materials used. Once this is done the wool is woven into the intricate patterns of Persian rugs.

Raw Materials For Natural Dyes
Raw Materials For Natural Dyes

Color Schemes to Use for Red Rugs

If you have a Persian rug that is primarily red, it can be daunting to figure out a color scheme to complete the look. However, with a little creativity and knowledge, it’s possible to put together an approach that works well and enhances the impact of this beautiful piece of Persian art.

Earthy tones and neutrals can help to balance the bold hues of a red Persian rug and provide a variety of easy-to-match colors.

Earthy Tones And Neutrals Works Best With Red.

What Styles Work Well with Red Rugs

Persian rugs, especially in red, can add an elegant and timeless touch to any home decor. Persian rugs are traditionally known to be a symbol of good luck, royalty and wealth and create a warm atmosphere with their intricate designs.

The styles that work best with a red persian rug are Traditional, Rustic and bohemian designs.

Traditional Design

Red is a very traditional color and the deep hues work well with the distinguished look of a traditional design. Persian rugs, especially in red can add sophistication to your space. Traditional design emphasizes using classic design elements, and using deep colors, which is exactly why using a red Perisan rug is the perfect addition to your space.

Traditional Interior

Rustic Design

Rustic designs emphasize the use of raw, and natural materials, and organic textiles which is why a wool persian rug makes the perfect addition. The design style uses a lot of wood and brick which are complemented perfectly by a red Persian rug.

Lots of rustic designs incorporate antique furnishing elements such as Persian rugs make a great addition to the space.

Rustic Interior
Rustic Interior

Bohemian Design

Bohemian designs are created by mixing pattern textures and colors. There are no rules when creating this kind of space. It often incorporates designs like paisleys, natural prints and geometric patterns and colors like green, cognac, yellow and rusty red oranges. This means that a rusty red Persian rug is the perfect base for a bohemian room.

Bohemian Interior
Bohemian Interior

Symbolism of Red

In interior design the use of red has often been a sign of wealth. Red Persian rugs can really add vibrancy and richness to an environment and when in shades of red can help to bring the feeling of energy to a room.

Many people believe that red brings a feeling of passion and power, so pairing Persian red rugs into your interior design can evoke feelings of strength and energy in the space.

Whether used as the focus of your design or as part of the color scheme red is certainly an exciting color choice for your home!