Blue Rugs

Blue and Navy Blue Persian Rugs

Wool Persian rugs come in an endless range of colors and designs and if you’re looking for a way to add some color and elegance to your home, a blue Persian rug is the perfect solution. Whether you’re shopping for your collection or just being introduced to the history of Persian rugs, these rugs are sure to impress.

The significance of colors within Persian rugs helps the design of a rug to tell a story. The colors often work together with the pattern to portray meaning through design. The talented weavers who create these Persian rugs carefully craft their rugs so that the viewer can read the – Blue is no exception.

Blue is loved by many and has a deep history. It has been used for Persian rugs throughout history and has become a popular choice for rug collectors.

Symbols and Meaning of Blue Color in Persian Rugs

One of the most common colors for Persian rugs is blue, a color often used to represent the sky and the sea and to symbolize openness, loyalty, and faith. These Blue Persian and Oriental Rugs all feature a rich shade of blue, either as the main color filling the rug or in its border. Of the many great artisans and craftsmen who’ve handmade these Persian rugs, the Kashmar and Moud rugs are particularly notable for their use of a fine variety of light and dark blues. The use of such a significant, emotionally resonant color can add depths of not only visual interest to your home, but of a feeling of beauty and meaning that go well beyond the ordinary.


Persian Blue

You may have heard of the “Persian Blue”, it is a popular color of blue that was popularized through Persian pottery and the colors of tiles used in and on mosques and palaces in Iran and in other places in the Middle East.

It comes in three major tones:

Persian Blue proper – a bright blue

Medium Persian Blue – a medium slightly grayish blue that is slightly indigo

Dark Navy Blue – that is close to a web color indigo.


You may have heard of the “Persian Blue”, it is a popular color of blue that was popularized through Persian pottery and the colors of tiles used in and on mosques and palaces in Iran and in other places in the Middle East.

It comes in three major tones:

Persian Blue proper – a bright blue

Medium Persian Blue – a medium slightly grayish blue that is slightly indigo

Dark Persian Blue – that is close to a web color indigo.

Meaning of the Color Blue

Depending on culture colors can come across in different ways. But throughout most cultures, blue has a very positive symbolic meaning.

The meaning of a culture often stems from religious, spiritual, social, or historical events.

Around the world, blue is associated with trust, serenity, immortality, love, divinity, and healing.

In Persian Rugs

In Persian culture, blue is often associated with spirituality and heaven. As a result, it is not surprising that it is often used in Persian rugs. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors of Persian rugs are said to reflect the beauty of the heavens, and blue is also used to represent the sky in many designs.

Blue is the national color in Iranian history and can be seen in many designs used for Mosques. In this image, you can see the sophisticated decorations of Omam Mosque in Isfahan’s main square Naqsh-e Jahan, but also present in the Tabriz, Blue Mosque.

Blue Mosque In Iran
Omam Mosque in Isfahan’s Main Square Naqsh-e Jahan

Besides spirituality, blue can be considered to be a calming and peaceful color. This makes blue Persian rugs an ideal choice for homes that are looking to add a touch of elegance and calmness to your interior décor.

Whether you are looking for a rug that is full of history and meaning or simply want something that is beautiful and peaceful, a Persian rug in blue may be the perfect choice for you.

In Interior Design

Blue is one of the most popular colors for home décor! It is often used to create a feeling of calm and serenity and can complement a wide range of color schemes. It has long been associated with the sea and sky and helps to give people a relaxing sense of nature.

Blue is also known for its ability to make rooms look larger and more spacious. Whether you are attempting to create a calming oasis or a lively space, there is a color of blue to help you achieve that look!

When considering how to use a Blue Oriental Rug in just the right way, think about the difference between warmer colors, like reds and yellows, and cooler ones, like blues and greens. You’ll go for the latter to achieve a more soothing, calming vibe. Used in small rooms, Blue Wool Rugs can help a space feel larger than it actually is. Then you can play with different shades of blue – like turquoise, navy, or deep blue – for just the right feeling of tranquility. This could be the perfect rug for creating a sanctuary out of your bedroom.


Psychology of Blue

Blue is one of the most popular colors in the world. It is also one of the most versatile, able to convey a wide range of emotions. From the pale blue of the sky to the dark ocean, blue is able to energize and excite or soothe and calm.

The versatility of blue comes from the way the mind processes the color. Blue is a cool color that can recede into the background, and either be used as a neutral or a pop of color. At the same time blue is associated with clarity and focus, making it an excellent choice for work environments. But because of its versatility, it can evoke a range of emotions, blue is a color that can be used effectively in many different settings.

Where To Find Blue Rugs

The color blue is used in a variety of Persian rug styles whether as an accent color or as the main field of the rug. It is a traditional color and can be seen throughout many different styles of rugs.

Kazak rugs are one of the popular styles that often utilize blue as one of the main colors.

The Kazak 8’7” x 12’3” is100% handspun Ghazni wool pile and cotton foundation. The rug features a geometric design using the blue field to highlight ivory and rust colors made from natural vegetable dyes.

Kazak 8'7'' x 12'3''
Kazak 8’7” x 12’3”

The types of blue used within Kazak rugs vary greatly and range from light to dark blues. This Kazak 6’1” x 8’5” is an example of a dark color Persian rug.

Kazak 6'1'' x 8'5''
Kazak 6’1” x 8’5”

Other varieties of Persian rugs with blue designs include Mashad, Oushak, Hamadan, Peshawar, Bokhara and so many more!

Tabriz 5'3" x 8'4"
Tabriz 5’3″ x 8’4″
Nain 4'2" x 7'
Nain 4’2″ x 7′

Blue Dyes

Persian rugs are dyed with natural dyes also known as vegetable dyes. The natural variations in these dyes come from insects, minerals, and different parts of plants such as roots, stems, leaves flowers, and fruits. 

The most common materials used in the creation of blue dyes are:

  1. Indigo
  2. Knotweed 
  3. Azurite
  4. Lapis Lazuli

How To Decorate With Blue Rugs

The color blue in interior design is very versatile and can easily suit many spaces. Blue compliments a wide range of color palettes and can be incorporated in many different ways to highlight your interior design style.

Blue Create A Calm And Serene Environment.

Blue Persian rugs are perfectly suited for certain décor styles, including nautical, Nordic, transitional and so many more! If you like nautical interior design, it is a great idea to utilize a blue rug because it evokes the idea of the water or the ocean.

For a Nordic design, it is very popular to utilize cool tones to complement the soft grays and whites of the Scandinavian style. This is used to create a natural look that symbolizes the outdoors and the peaceful feeling that that creates.

In a transitional living room, a blue rug is the perfect opportunity to bring in a pop of color. The style often uses grey, sand, and white tones that can be accentuated with bold colors.

The Versatility Of The Color Blue Allows You To Incorporate Blue Persian Rugs In Different Settings.