Blue Rugs

Blue Persian Rugs

Symbols and Meaning of Blue Color in Persian Rugs

One of the most common colors for Persian rugs is blue, a color often used to represent the sky and the sea and to symbolize openness, loyalty, and faith. These Blue Persian and Oriental Rugs all feature a rich shade of blue, either as the main color filling the rug or in its border. Of the many great artisans and craftsmen who’ve hand-knotted these Persian rugs, the Kashmar and Moud rugs are particularly notable for their use of a fine variety of light and dark blues. The use of such a significant, emotionally resonant color can add depths of not only visual interest to your home, but of a feeling of beauty and meaning that go well beyond the ordinary.

Where to Use Blue Oriental Rugs

When considering how to use a Blue Oriental Rug in just the right way, think about the difference between warmer colors, like reds and yellows, and cooler ones, like blues and greens. You’ll go for the latter to achieve a more soothing, calming vibe. Used in small rooms, Blue Wool Rugs can help a space feel larger than it actually is. Then you can play with different shades of blue – like turquoise, navy, or deep blue – for just the right feeling of tranquility. This could be the perfect rug for creating a sanctuary out of your bedroom.