Grey Rugs

Grey Persian Rugs

Centuries of craft and tradition are hand-knotted into every Persian rug, and that is especially true with Gray Persian and Oriental Rugs. Often used as a touch of color in the design, gray is common throughout Persian rugs. It’s especially influential in Hamadan rugs.

Depending on the source of the wool and the breed of lamb, that gray color can come from natural wool, but it is more often colored by certain plants. What makes the gray wool so dynamic as a part of the artistry in Persian rugs is just how many shades there are, from the lightest silver to a very dark gray.

How Grey Persian Rugs can fill out your home

It is just that dynamic note that allows Gray Persian Rugs to be the perfect centerpiece or complement to your interior decorating plans. Given that it is one of the most adaptable, friendly colors to design with, you have plenty of options, ranging from pairing your Persian rug with other shades of gray with furniture and art to let the grey stand out by filling the room with neutral shades like creams or pale greens. Consider the other colors woven into your rug, and there’s no doubt you’ll make a great choice for your home.

List of Persian Rug Colors: