Geometric Rugs

Geometrical Persian & Oriental Rugs

The complex artistry, significant historical value, and distinctive patterns of hand-knotted rugs make them highly appealing.

There are many different types of designs seen in Persian rugs, but one of the most popular is the geometric design. This type of design is often used in Village and Tribal Persian rugs, although there are several traditional city Oriental rugs that have geometric designs as well.

Geometric patterns are common in Heriz, Zanjan, Azerbaijan, Abadeh, and Qashqai rugs


How it Looks

Geometric patterns typically feature angular shapes that are enclosed by ridge lines. The shapes are commonly hexagonal, octagonal, or diamond-shaped, but there is no restriction to the type of shape – any shape is possible. Geometric designs can symbolize different elements of life and culture.

Subcategories of Geometric Design

Geometric Allover

In this type of design, geometric motifs are woven all over the field in a repeating pattern or continuous pattern. There is usually variation in the colors of the geometric motifs. This type of design is common in Tabriz, Heriz, Azerbaijan, Hamadan, Karaja rugs.

Geometric Medallion

In this type of design, there is a geometric medallion in the center of the rug with corner designs. This type of design is often seen in village or tribal Persian rugs and is common in Heriz, Abadeh, Zanjan, Karaja, Balouchi, and Qashqai rugs. Usually a large medallion is the focal point with lighter patterns surrounding it.

Geometric Repeating Medallion

In this type of design there are two or more geometric medallions repeating throughout the rug’s pattern. This type of design is common among runners because of their length; it looks more fitting compared to having just one center medallion surrounded by smaller ones above and below it (as seen in the Geometric Medallion section). Common examples include Tabriz runners from Heriz, Azerbaijan , Abadeh (most village runner rugs), Zanjan, Karaja, Balouchi,and Qashqai.

Decor with Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns can be used for decoration in both modern and traditional settings. They look beautiful in libraries and offices and work well in dining rooms because they usually have strong borders.

With their flexibility and coloring, you can use these rugs to liven up a variety of modern rooms. Geometric patterns with strong, contrasting colors work beautifully in rooms with existing deep colors, while soft tonal colors contribute more toward a calmer mood.

With softer, lighter colors you may find more flexibility with your current designs, while deeper, bolder patterned rugs could be the statement piece your home is looking for. For a room lacking a defining piece, these Geometric Persian Oriental Rugs add style and purpose with attractive patterns
providing a strong theme for you to base the rest of your decor upon.