Introduction To Peshawar Rugs

“Transcription: Hello, my name is Rose and welcome to Catalina Rug. This is a Ferahan rug or Peshawar rug, that made in a Pakistan from vegetable dye and hand-spun wool. As you see, the color is very subdued, so they come different color, different pattern. But most of them is all over, very few in a medallion because designer just loves the all over design, maker of more useful in any places. The color, design by designer because it’s more match with fabric and color than any market.”

Peshawar is the capital city of the North-West Frontier Province, in Pakistan. The city located on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border has been an important center for trade and commerce in the region. The city is more famous for its traditional carpets or as more commonly known as Peshawar rugs.

Peshawar Rugs are beautiful and elegant rugs with subdued colors that match most decorations. The weavers favor more subtle colors such as ivory and golden tones which give the rugs a typical washed-out or antique patina.

Peshawar  rugs are peculiar carpets that are characterized by:

• Artistic designs
• Subtle shifts in their color
• Materials can be wool or Wool and Silk

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